Deer hunting knives #7 / Fox River & Recurve Fox River


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #7 / Fox River & Recurve Fox River

April 11, 2013

virtuovice @ 3:49 am #

Shooting in a densely dwelled area like 3 houses in 100 meters is illegal. But this shooting is okay. We need to move the whole deer to a mountain to dress it though. Deer dressing viewed from public is illegal. Thanks.

Noah Fortnum @ 4:23 am #

Why were you guys shooting right of a busy road?

Bigrich693 @ 5:17 am #

This is great!! Runch Time!!

kamphwagon1 @ 5:37 am #

Yes a real nasty mess  if the stomach or intestine is punctured one of the reasons I no longer gut deer , I’ve seen guys have the stinky contents spewed in their face and clothes..I noticed the Fox River recurve worked rather well in removing the head… Thanks !

virtuovice @ 6:16 am #

This deer was dressed around 1 hour after killed. Then the abdominal cavity went filled with smelling air from kind of rotting bowel contents. So when we open the abdominal cavity incidentaly, the gas comes out. Thanks.

zephenon @ 6:50 am #

5:30 …… is it technically farting? or is that gas built up from another organ?

Bevan Jacobs @ 6:56 am #

you need have more respect for the animals that is a lot of waste

virtuovice @ 7:45 am #

We have a very strict food sanitary law here and we cannot sell the hunt deer meat. I use .410 smooth bore Winchester M70. After 10 year hunting experience I am allowed to own a real rifle. My gun’s absolute kill range is 150 yards. Everything will be different than your country I guess. Thanks.

StillTheBest1980 @ 8:06 am #

have ye got no gamedealers to bring the surplus meat to for it to be sold to the public??
What calibre do you use and what rifle?

virtuovice @ 8:43 am #

We take back straps, inner thighs, outer hips in total 6 muscles and a head. I hunt 70 deer a season in average. Japan has awesomely overpopulated deer and they are still increasing at high speed. The damages from them are huge. So we hunters are urged by the government to kill as many deer as possible. The carcass must be thrown away into a valley in mountains. Crows make it to bones and skins within a day. Thanks.

StillTheBest1980 @ 9:36 am #

Is that all the meat you take from the animal?
What do you do with the rest of the carcass??
We have sika here aswell. A good deer to hunt, very elusive.

virtuovice @ 10:36 am #

I don’t have the Recurve Fox River now. It’s because it had a flat portion on its spine side and its bevel was too steep to make a keen edge. Its edge was substantially duller than the regular Fox River. And I don’t have the Gameskeeper now too. It’s because its belly was too deep to get back straps fast and its cutting edge length was a bit short. I now think the rampless Bravo1 is a better knife for hunting. The regular Fox River is one of my top 3 hunting knives. Thanks.

Schony5 @ 10:47 am #

Do you still have the same feelings on the regular FR vs the Recurve? Been interested in these and had my eye on the recurve but not so sure now. Do you like using the Fox River more than the gameskeeper?

nqkoisi123 @ 11:33 am #

Don`t you hear the crows in the back. Do you think they are there just to watch. Everything from a dead animal left in the woods its eaten. Except the big bones maybe.

virtuovice @ 12:18 pm #

The both knives are great for deer field dressing. Handles are very different but the belly curve are almost the same. I enjoy the both knives alternately. Thank you!

strawalker @ 12:46 pm #

Those coleman stoves are great. Fox river or Gunny?

NJDevilTactical @ 1:35 pm #

You wast a lot of meat from the dear

virtuovice @ 2:24 pm #

No, it wasn’t. It was gas from the abdominal cavity. I guess the bullet injured the gut and this processing was done 2 hours after the kill. So the gas was made in the gut out to the abdominal cavity. Then I incidentally opened the cavity and the gas came out. Thank you!

gunzfactory @ 2:59 pm #

was that the lung expelling air?

virtuovice @ 3:52 pm #

It’s northern Hokkaido. Thanks.

Rafael Aventura @ 4:23 pm #

This place is MINAKAMI gunma-Ken?

Rafael Aventura @ 4:28 pm #


virtuovice @ 5:07 pm #

No, I don’t find any more difficulty on the leather stropping of the recurve Fox River. I can use the side of the strop fairly properly. Thank you!

Acollyt @ 5:50 pm #

Do you find sharpening he recurve more difficult than the regular fox river? Thank you, and wonderful videos.

virtuovice @ 6:23 pm #

I just order them from KSF with a message ” I need the ramp removed “. Then they sent my knives to Bark River and they remove the ramp and sent them back to KSF. This modification was for free. After the modification KSF shipped them to me. It took 2 more weeks. That’s all. Thanks.

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