Ontario US Folding Knife Review, & and the surprise (to me) winner


I took two folding knives to the woods to make some fire using only the folder. The results were contrary to my expectations but, in afterthought, made some …

Tac Force TF-707GY Assisted Opening Folding Knife (4.5-Inch Closed)
Tac Force Knives – Part Serrated Dragon Linerlock Knife with Gray Dragon Cutout Black Aluminum Handles. Model: TF707GY. … Click for More Info >>
Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Serrated Folding Knife with Speed Safe
The Leek series includes some of our most popular knives. And no wonder. Kershaw’s Leeks offer Ken Onion’s distinctive d… Click for More Info >>
Tac Force TF-707RD Assisted Opening Folding Knife (4.5-Inch Closed)
Tac Force Knives – Part Serrated Dragon Linerlock Knife with Red Dragon Cutout Black Aluminum Handles. Model: TF707RD. 4… Click for More Info >>
Tac Force TF-710JC Assisted Opening Folding Knife (5-Inch Closed)
All metal heavy duty rescue knife with assisted action open high carbon steel blade. Green army camo patterned anodized … Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Ontario US Folding Knife Review, & and the surprise (to me) winner

April 22, 2013

phrankus2009 @ 3:44 am #

Good to know.

luvhambo @ 4:00 am #


TheLightHouseLady @ 4:15 am #

good? review!

MrBkzero @ 5:13 am #

my friend happy 2013 with much health and peace? for you and your family, pocket knives are good for lighter work, more in emergency and better than anything currently preparing my firewood with a chainsaw folding like Ray Mears. hug my friend

luvhambo @ 5:53 am #

LOL, if I could do a Terry, I probably wouldn’t have? broken the knife. But you make a good point, nevertheless. thanks for the tips on folders, too. Happy new year to ya.

luvhambo @ 6:44 am #

lol,? thanks.

nativerobin @ 7:05 am #

Oh now ..no worries I think? you’re pretty cool !

mudtoa @ 7:41 am #

Good? information

PracticalBushcraft1 @ 8:09 am #

The experience I have had with US knives are poor as well. As a cheap in the sack slip joint knife, I like very well made Barlows or a decent Trapper knife. You should do a Terry Barney (IAWoodsman) field repair and put a limb handle on the blade with fake paracord or gorilla duct tape and still use it in the woods? to complete your mission, just to show that any knife is better than NO knife in the woods. Or Bushcrafting Gangnam Style.

luvhambo @ 8:49 am #

It’s the company (Balisong) the eventually morphed into (I think) Pacific Cutlery and then Benchmade. Not sure if they still have the same metal and workmanship. I know the folders have those imitations, and would not be good for repeated use like that. But I wanted to find a folder that will do it once or twice if I ever really need? it. Thanks for the comment, and happy new year to you Rob. Jarl

Andersbork @ 9:02 am #

Pocket knives have their limitations no matter how you fold it it is not going to be as strong as an fixed blade;o)
Is the balisong an benchmade?
All the best,? Rob

ShoeManShoe68 @ 9:59 am #

Great to? see you! Thanks for the review. Take care.

SurviveN2 @ 10:37 am #

Thanks for the info about what not to count on :-} Thanks for sharing this? and Take Care my friend :-) )

busycando @ 10:56 am #

What you? talking about not cool…?
You are way cool!!!
One of the springs broke in my US.

luvhambo @ 11:56 am #

Thanks. I’m going to have to find out what? kind of steel it is – takes a good edge. I notice too that the pins for teh blades are heavy duty, plus there are two of them, versus one in the US and most folders. Thanks for the comment.

luvhambo @ 12:49 pm #

Thanks for watching. It was? nice to rediscover the butterfly after I put it in the drawer several years ago. Ironically, I thought it would be the one to fail. Now it’s my new BFF EDC.

luvhambo @ 1:23 pm #

I might just try that. But I ended up with this one as a replacement for a previous broken one? from them. Can’t hurt to try though, eh.

fog360 @ 1:25 pm #

Awesome? bro love the blade

karenchakey @ 1:59 pm #

They must have made knives better? 35 or 40 years ago! that’s a long time to have such a good knife. I’ve seen them US knifes on amazon. Thanks for sharing!

MrBackpacker48 @ 2:22 pm #

Hey sorry about your knife! Send it back make them replace it! Hey Merry? Christmas!

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