Importing Knives into Australia: What you need to know


I’ve decided to do this video after many questions and comments from viewers of my “Importing Folding Knives to Australia: My Recent Experience” video. Unfor…

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Comments on Importing Knives into Australia: What you need to know

April 10, 2013

AussieMark909 @ 4:05 am #

Did you actually watch the video? The idea here was to provide information to enable people to understand the rules and makes their own decisions. Anyway, single fixed fixed blade knives such as the one you are asking about are not a restricted import.

THELIFEVLOG321 @ 4:58 am #

can u import a bear grylls ultimate pro knife please get back to me asap.

RemFireball @ 5:24 am #

And as you say criminals just use kitchen knives, they don’t care as long as is will stab.

RemFireball @ 5:27 am #

We haven’t banned daggers yet, only push daggers. No doubt they will be in line for the next pointless feel good law so I am putting them up on the priority list. Lucky for us though Europe hasn’t banned many types of knife so its possible to bring many in from there as mail is much less scrutinized than International mail. Not that I would do any such thing, to many guns to loose, but good on those who do.

AussieMark909 @ 6:01 am #

They are total bollocks!

RemFireball @ 6:06 am #

Your knife laws suck worse than ours in Britain amd that’s saying something.

AussieMark909 @ 7:02 am #

I think the whole process is designed to fulfill the legislative requirement for a permit system without the need to actually issue any permits. Meanwhile the criminals continue to rob the local convenience stores using kitchen knives and suchlike.

StarionJA @ 7:35 am #

Good video, a approved B709B form is not sufficient to clear a one handed opening knife through customs even if that knife is legal to own in your state.
Only customs can issue clearance and they will only do so to people in law enforcment and government agencies who may require such items.

jeremyquach @ 8:03 am #

thanks once again for helping, its much appreciated.

AussieMark909 @ 8:46 am #

I know swords can be imported, not sure about any state regs there. Do your research before spending your hard earned. The links provided are a good place to start.

jeremyquach @ 8:52 am #

Hi AussieMark909 again!, just wondering if we could import a samurai sword into the state of NSW Australia?

AussieMark909 @ 9:11 am #

The short answer is no. As far as I can tell there is no research to support these rules. It’s politics, they like to be seen to be doing something. Besides, fear sells. It seems to me that most “knife crime” is done using kitchen knives, but I guess we can’t ban them.

Tomadair1 @ 9:44 am #

Forgive me for asking an obvious question ,but is there any logic or reasoning behind the apparent discrimination that the authorities have towards these knives I have a number of knives of all descriptions all bought legally online or locally and for the life of me can see no more danger or the ability to hide one of the forbidden knives compared to the legal knives.I work in the security industry and I see more danger from steak knives ,broken bottles,glasses or the like,what next,hands.

AussieMark909 @ 10:12 am #

You could forward the customs email to the supplier and ask them to print it out and include in the package with the knife. Might make it more difficult for some over zealous inspector to seize it. Just a thought. But I don’t blame you for not taking the risk, that’s probably a good decision.

peter pan @ 11:10 am #

i didn’t bother risking it, they’re too inconsistent


sanfranfaketales @ 11:23 am #

Did you manage to get your Delica 4 in? Which state are you in by the way?

AussieMark909 @ 12:06 pm #

Ah yes, but that’s carry laws. A different pot of insanity to import rules.

ninjapig2012 @ 12:37 pm #

Insane isn’t it, mate? I can carry 2 3′ machetes and a chainsaw on me but can’t carry a butterfly knife too blunt to slice an apple

AussieMark909 @ 1:18 pm #

No, got a seizure notice which included a warning (threat) that if it happened again I might end up in court. They do not play nice.

ImmaStarTV @ 1:35 pm #

Did you get fined? 

AussieMark909 @ 2:01 pm #

You can be fined, or taken to court.

ImmaStarTV @ 2:48 pm #

do you get finned if they are seized?

AussieMark909 @ 3:44 pm #

Nothing wrong the the Buck, very nice knife. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives are well worth considering also.

Zachary Winkler @ 4:36 pm #

Such a shame. Thanks for the quick reply. I saw your video on the Buck Solitaire and had to snap one up, but what would be another good $20-$60 LEGAL knife? Sorry for the constant questions by the way.

AussieMark909 @ 5:16 pm #

I got one locally but have not tried to import. Probably best to do it that way just to be on the safe side.

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