Deer hunting knives #35 / BlackJack M-125 leather washer handle & Fallkniven TK2


Deer hunting knives35 blackjack M125 leather washer handle & Fallkniven TK2. virtuovice479 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 10156. 4925. Like 27 Dislike 3. Like …. Deer hunting knives34 blackjack M125 Stag handle & Bark River Custom Skinnerby virtuovice 3711 views; 1532. Watch Later Deer hunting knives31 Fallkniven F1 BR Fox River & blackjack M125by virtuovice 4779 views; 1453. Watch Later Deer hunting knives29 BR Fox River Gunny 552Griptillian & lonewolf Longhornby

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #35 / BlackJack M-125 leather washer handle & Fallkniven TK2

March 14, 2013

nachogroucho @ 3:41 am #

Hulk review pretty knife!! Lol
Jk sweet knife I need one!!

sevengable @ 4:02 am #

Damn. That is one sharp knife.

virtuovice @ 4:25 am #

I left the leather one because it felt too light for the knife size. And I now have wood and G10. Between the two I prefer the balance of wood. Wood is 215 grams while G10 is 232 grams. G10 is too heavy, and cold in winter. Wood is worm. I don’t understand why they use little wood in the line. If you can order a wood handle, I will recommend it. Thanks.

Schony5 @ 4:54 am #

I am thinking of getting a wood handle from DLT. How does your leather compare to the wood?

virtuovice @ 5:29 am #

Yes, it was. But I recently love Knifeworks and GPKNIVES as well for BlackJack knives. Leather washers seems to be out of stock on the both shops though. Anyway the new production run seems to come up soon. The stag pommel on this handle is no good in my opinion. The aluminum pommel is good. The handle length is relatively short and the pommel will come inside the palm. So the protrusion of the stag pommel is annoying. Thanks.

coldsweat007 @ 5:55 am #

Thanks for the useful feedback! Is KnivesShipFree where you ordered the Model 125 with Orange G10 Handle?

virtuovice @ 5:58 am #

The handle of NL5 is no good. Its surface is slick. Its shape is completely oval and thin. So it has less traction. In contrast the leather washers of M-125 have a hairy surface and much friction. Practically it is more than one ounce lighter than stag or G10 handle, and easy to use. It is cosmetically poorer than other materials though. KnivesShipFree is now taking preorders for wood handled M-125 on the next production run. It will take 2 months. I have one on order. Thank you!

coldsweat007 @ 6:17 am #

Virtuovice, what do you think of the quality of the stacked leather handle of the Model 125? How does it compare with the Fallkniven Northern Light series?

jackknife68 @ 6:42 am #

, I praying the whole day for your country and your people ! I am very sad what happend to you !
Hope that it will not get any worther !
If you need help, maybe want to get away from Japan, feel free contacting me, I will give you here a save home !
wish you all the best !

virtuovice @ 7:30 am #

I am 300 miles away from the plant and we are safe. The situation of the reactors are getting worse. I know your country is not positive to nuclear plants. I think it is good. We have very bad experiences now. Thank you!

jackknife68 @ 8:05 am #

Waidmannsheil from Germany ! Good harvest ! In Germany Sikadeer is in some parts of the southwest common too !

Hope you are well and save, also hope you are far away from the nuclear plants !
All the best and stay tuff !!!

weldermic @ 8:40 am #

You do a very good job with these videos …
think the BlackJack 125 is the best model too date for your hunting
and field dressing the stags.
thank you again for an informative but entertaining review

weldermic @ 9:15 am #

you do a very good job with these videos … like to thank you for the time it
takes you …
the Blackjack 125 seems to be your best knife for the stags.
Electric buffer n compound to remove rust
the patina will stop the bad rust , so do not be upsett.

weldermic @ 9:43 am #

you do a very good job with these videos … like to thank you for the time it
takes you …
the Blackjack 125 seems to be your best knife for the stags.

weldermic @ 9:57 am #

Really like your videos alot … you speak very good English.
Had a close friend in High School who was an exchange student from
Hunt safe … think the Blackjack 125 is your best knife too date.
Check out Micheal Morris knives here in the USA …
TRY the Classic 85

virtuovice @ 10:18 am #

I see. Thank you!

Paolo sturaro @ 10:59 am #

to polish the knives you can buy a buffing machine and use your compounds on the buffing wheel. is better than leather strop

liebre4x4 @ 11:06 am #

you should try ribs once in a while. they taste great as well

virtuovice @ 11:38 am #

We are allowed to hunt deer until the end of March. Then the snow on the south side of mountains will melt and tasty bamboo leaves will come up. Deer will never stop eating there even if we get close riding on snowmobiles. The pregnant female deer must eat as much and as soon as possible for a baby inside. We don’t like to kill female deer and they are safe. The stag hate the snowmobile sound very much and get away before we reach them. This stag was 150 yards away and high on the hill.

27dcx @ 12:06 pm #

i’m suprised the snowmobiles did not scare the deer away.

EasternGateGuardian @ 12:47 pm #

wow, you must eat wild meat all year round! awesome!

Prowler1 @ 1:43 pm #

umm, maybe rust is not your mistake,
and advances in knife metal technologies will fix this issue
in the future for good.

Wyndstarthedruid @ 1:59 pm #

woooow, thats one the nicest snowmobiles i have ever seen, those boxes on the back are supreme!.

mrsvinarich26 @ 2:52 pm #

you dont see much hunting in japan or japenese hunters one of the two. good job

cheers from northern Michigan

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