Deer hunting knives #128 / Boker Arbolito & Fallkniven F1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #128 / Boker Arbolito & Fallkniven F1

March 28, 2013

Gigi Raducanu @ 4:33 am #

Nice video!

Slewfoot81 @ 5:05 am #

That is truly beautiful country.

virtuovice @ 6:04 am #

The location is a highland 1.5 miles away from the road. I need to bring back only the meat. No gutting is cleaner. Thanks.

coltiscoolify @ 6:54 am #

Why do you start near the loans and not the guts?

snookdock @ 7:47 am #

you are blessed to be living in such a beautiful place

diaconu traian @ 8:46 am #

I was meaning to do a wood cut test or kind of survival not a deer dresing! thk’s.

ReclusiveMountainMan @ 8:55 am #

Oh, didn’t know that about the crows in Japan. Also wanted to say thanks for another enjoyable video!

Joe Mishap @ 9:10 am #

Good video once again

Michael Demetriou @ 9:40 am #


jackruss4 @ 9:54 am #

V-Vice. All makers of knives and cutlery ,do have many varied processes to heat treat their metals.
VG-10, Is know as an excellent steel. The N690 is a good choice but still. Lacks the VG-10 overall quality level. Its possible that in the VG -10 knives that you have from one manufacturer could be lacking in what you are looking for, due to the heat treatment from that maker.
Been personally working with the VG-10, and seems to be a very well balanced steel, which excells in sharpness.

virtuovice @ 10:34 am #

I don’t carry a non-waterproof camera to snowy mountains. My winter camera is Panasonic HX-WA20 waterproof one which only has a digital anti vibration system. In my experience of cKc N690 knives, it was comparable to VG-10. But in this case I felt like Boker’s N695 was a bit better than VG-10. The Boker’s completely full flat bevel is nice to take my convex edge. And its edge line and its handle design are very nice to me too. I don’t hesitate to buy a wood handle version in this steel. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:49 am #

Crows like sea shore. This place is high in altitude and around 1.5 miles away from the shore. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 11:10 am #

My N690 knives are cKc Thrive, cKc Field Knive, and cKc Forrester7. They all have a bit larger angle than my home made convex edges. Their grinds are nice but their stocks are too thick to make the keenest edge which I need for deer dressing. I only confirmed that Boker’s N695 holds decently in a small angle and can be better than VG-10. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 11:16 am #

I once tested cKc Forrester7 for deer dressing. It was extremely odd for the purpose and I know the Bravo1.5 is the same before testing it. The maximum acceptable blade length for game dressing is 5.0 inches I believe. Thanks.

Thetinebroken @ 12:11 pm #

Great hunting vid.

ReclusiveMountainMan @ 12:44 pm #

Where are all the crows? ;p

jackruss4 @ 1:12 pm #

In response to the N 690 vs N 695. The latter steel has a very sllght increase in carbon percentage. But no cobalt for toughness. I and most all knife manufacturers feel that N690 Bohler is structurally superior.

diaconu traian @ 1:29 pm #

will you do a field testwith your 1,5 BRAVO ?
I am curios how is worcking !

SuperCrichards @ 1:38 pm #


jurrione @ 2:29 pm #

Usualy I don’t have bad comments on your videos. But I have to say this time that the camera you used is very anoying in the high zoom. The image is very unstable and shakey on the screen. Is this your new Sony camera? And you said in the last video that you did not like N690 so much. Is N695 realy that much better in your opinion? Thanks. Good video

Stefan Wolf @ 2:54 pm #

Nice work with the F1 blade ;)

MyHollowpoint @ 3:15 pm #

Love my Arbolito, had hoped to use it this year but it was not to be. Maybe next year. You earn every mouthful of venison :)

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