CRKT M16-01T Titanium Handle Folding Knife


Best in 720HD Blade Length: 3.125 inches Steel: AUS-8 Lock: Liner Lock, AutoLAWKS Handle: Titanium Weight: 2.4 ounces Made In: Taiwan Price: $76 A very light…

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Comments on CRKT M16-01T Titanium Handle Folding Knife

March 11, 2013

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 4:28 am #


Sanders Black @ 4:56 am #

where did you get it

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 5:11 am #


Sanders Black @ 5:36 am #

is it sharp?

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 6:21 am #

I think so.

SuperGvarr @ 6:34 am #

do the one with zytale handel have the dobble lock?

InfernumGames @ 7:01 am #

Espacially the VG10 steel from Seki!

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 7:11 am #

Thanks, my friend!

11ste999 @ 8:01 am #

You have a top collection bro

Krysta Blade @ 8:28 am #

Anything Japanese is cool!! Hahaha

Hexaron @ 8:44 am #

I can imagine! ;) 

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 9:07 am #

Yeah its healed already, but that double-edge will get you every time lol

Hexaron @ 9:28 am #

Ow.. well, sharp knives be sharp I guess. ;) The Israelnator can handle that without any trouble though I’m sure!

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 9:37 am #

Couple weeks ago, putting oil on my Blackhawk Tatang

Hexaron @ 9:39 am #

Ouch, when did you cut your index finger?

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 10:22 am #

The Ti keeps it classy

weaselunit123 @ 10:28 am #

Great EDC knives, but the TI models are a bit of a gimmick. The plastic and aluminum models won’t rust either. The only thing the TI has is a higher price tag.

KBar666 @ 11:07 am #

You see the autos yet?

My bad not the autos of this specifically, but in this series?

RepoVSK @ 12:03 pm #

I think you should do a video for us of you Stabbing items xD

austinc531997 @ 12:47 pm #

They both look so sexy

oromoto @ 1:24 pm #

Yup, that second lock is a bit annoying…

absolutesilence @ 1:33 pm #

I have a cheap stainless steel version. I’m a fan of that skeletonised handle design.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 2:08 pm #

Taiwan I believe

cbr600rrturbo @ 2:41 pm #

sweet blade, if you ever want any titainium anodized different colors check out ModifiedZs channel,peace brotha – Tac

spleen1666 @ 2:47 pm #

Any idea where this blade is made?

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