Buck Vantage knives: Design Excellence!


The Buck Vantage folding knives rock. They are high value, handsome, low profile, hard cutting designs that make stellar EDC choices. The Vantage also offers…

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Comments on Buck Vantage knives: Design Excellence!

March 17, 2013

DerGoldwaescher @ 3:46 am #

A great knife. The Buck Vantage? Avid Large is my EDC knife…

Greetings from Germany
Der Goldwaescher (The Goldpanner)

rbrandon347 @ 3:57 am #

Beautiful blade? shape. Amazing looking knife for that price.

cyclist01222 @ 4:24 am #

Found an older large? select at Kmart on clearance for 16 bucks. It was a 2011 model with perfect blade centering.

mikethenascarfan @ 4:35 am #

Ka-Bar Dozier and Ontario Rat? 1 too…

MegaMrawesome22 @ 5:00 am #

I love this knife I have used it for about a year. I now have a Kershaw? brawler great blade as well!

TNPmarksman @ 5:46 am #

crkt drifter and others from them.?

snohowrestler07 @ 6:22 am #

I have the vantage select, super nice and feels great in my hand? and fits nice in my pocket…i put a zip tie thru the oval part, helps it open super fast

MrTOPDOG1234 @ 7:00 am #

I have a cheap…? just a vantage …I just love it..on a farm and I use it hard everyday…still works and some of that the others just don`t like for the price alot more..just me my opinion buy one and be happy for the price

nudnik9287 @ 7:58 am #

Picked up a Buck Vantage on your recommendation. LOVE THIS KNIFE! Blade centering was perfect, great? value and quality. Thanks for the info! This knife will be my new EDC.

magosling @ 8:11 am #

Sierra Trading Post has the 2.4 oz, 420 HC? stainless blade, Charcoal Dymonwood scales Vantage on sale and with the deals flyer discount it is only $19.77. The sweet flyer deal is today only.

the430movie @ 8:51 am #

Very Happy and very impressed with my purchase! I have this knife with a different handle… Ive had it now for nearly 3 years, and i absolutely love it! Abused and abused and still looks like new! I use it to carve with, and outdoor tasking (ODT) and every day carry (EDC)! It’s for people that live in the? real world! Most impressive though…. MADE IN THE USA WITH PRIDE!!!!

TheeWoodsman @ 9:08 am #

This knife seems ok, but? are there any similar to this with….

under 2.5 ounces
under 4″ closed
flipper opening
low sitting clip (like the buck vantage clip)
With jimping

under $100 ?

thanks, your vids are great

ballworth @ 9:10 am #

very happy with my purchase. ? thanks for the review.

ballworth @ 9:26 am #

great knife. saw one just this afternoon and I remembered your review.?

rNdDynamikkDuo @ 10:25 am #

Purchased on? your recommendation. Thanks for the good reviews. Helped me decide how to replace my Benchmade Griptillian EDC knife.

Jande228 @ 10:40 am #

It needs a Lanyard hole? so you can braid something cool on it . . .

SaruJerry @ 11:32 am #

I just? got buck vantage select the small version, and the centering of the blade was perfect. great knife

Theenormityofitall @ 11:46 am #

I think because of the pressure on the blade form the liner lock, it can’t be totally centered. Just? like the Buck CSAR-T knife.

dirtydeedz161 @ 11:47 am #

Best option? Use a fixed? blade with harder steel.

stephenmgj @ 12:20 pm #

I just received my small vantage select today and after all the comments I had? read about this one of the first things I checked out was the blade centering. Sure enough as I look at the blade with the point down it is pushed over to the right. However I watched carefully as I closed it all the way. It looks like it is nicely centered until the blade detent kicks in at the very end. This seems to be pushing it off center. Any thoughts?

k123332 @ 12:51 pm #

if you skin? a deer out, the little lines trap stuff and it take a little more time to clean it I have found.

markbennett9500 @ 1:08 pm #

I recommended this knife the 420hc model to a friend for? his first knife purchase

JPGuitarGuyFutrell @ 1:27 pm #

You’re right! AWESOME!!! First? responder in Texas, I can vouch for this! lol

darthcollosus @ 2:14 pm #

if u dont? like grind lines you could buff them out urself.

TheNSOMCBS @ 2:26 pm #

If anyone wants a reliable EDC knife, I recommend a nice Buck knife within this size range. The clips are perfect, they are lightweight, and the blades are great. If I remember correctly Buck started using cheaper steal in most of their cheaper blades. They did this because customers were complaining about how hard it is to sharpen the old steel. So now you get a decent knife for a cheaper price, they are lighter, and easier to sharpen. These aren’t heavy duty, just good for razor? edges.

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