Deer hunting knives #80 / Adventure Sworn Huntsman


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #80 / Adventure Sworn Huntsman

February 7, 2013

VittorioE17 @ 4:27 am #

god i love this channel. just great stuff. who else films real field tests like this?

PracticalBushcraft1 @ 5:15 am #

I always use my Bushcraft knife for hunting, I agree they somewhat overlap. The only real hunting knife I have is too big for dear and just right for bear and large elk.

virtuovice @ 5:39 am #

It’s because Bushcraft knives overlap with hunting knives much. We cannot find so many genuine hunting knives out there. If there were, their blades are longer than my taste. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:16 am #

Bears will get awake from their winter sleep within March. We are not allowed to shoot them now but if it came to me and gave me a threat, I would be allowed to shoot it. Only deer can be hunt until March to reduce its population. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:36 am #

I will resume studying world history and English. I will start to use my belt sander for knives. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 7:34 am #

No. I just wash the meat and hang it in my garage for a couple of weeks. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:18 am #

Bears will get awake in March now. So I can meet a bear. I am forbidden from hunting a bear in March. I can only hunt the overpopulated deer in March. But when a bear came to me and gave me a fear, I would be allowed to kill it. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:13 am #

Not so much now. We consume as I hunt. But I will gather meat for off season from now to full of a freezer. Thanks.

gravediggermax @ 9:21 am #

somehow i did not get a notice for 80 or 81 – just 82 and i said – where are they – i found them, will look at 81 next.
good hunt – nice knives
good luck for no. 83 – we await

tripeee58 @ 10:04 am #

Are there bears out where you hunt these deer? Do you hunt other game?

TheBladebuster @ 10:26 am #

He likes to test all sort of knives – he even recently tested an Air Force Survival Knife and of course the Kabar USMC knife.

5000btu @ 11:14 am #

why do you use bushcraft knife to process deer ?

bsred733 @ 12:02 pm #


TheBeebopper @ 12:52 pm #

WHAT, with a freezer full of meat?

Romanlegionnaire77 @ 1:40 pm #

Great comparison between awesome knives!

Thebattousay @ 2:09 pm #

do you use any preparation to age the meat like salt or anything else? or do you just leave it hanging on a dry place?

bsred733 @ 2:53 pm #

What are you going to do when deer season is over? Do you fish?

bsred733 @ 3:13 pm #

He shows pretty much everything he does in these hunting videos.

pagegl1 @ 4:08 pm #

I like to watch how you process you’re kill. Would you show a video of the full process?

LiamMitts @ 4:24 pm #

Hey Wako,Good sized buck.The snow looks deep.Thanks for the video.

virtuovice @ 4:38 pm #

I use back straps for grill, inner thighs for steak, outer hips for curry after 3 week aging. Our family consume 1/4 of all the gettings which will go 80 deer this season. 3/4 goes to my friends and coworkers. Thanks.

imacf90 @ 5:15 pm #

how many parts of the animal do you actually keep and/or use?

Balle Bongo @ 5:33 pm #

Your knife “helle” is norwegian.

virtuovice @ 6:12 pm #

Thank you! I like its simple line and good proportions too.

MyHollowpoint @ 6:13 pm #

Excellent video as usual :)

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