Deer hunting knives #104 / Fallkniven TK2


Made of 3G super steel. I removed its micro V bevel and made it a zero grind convex edge.

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #104 / Fallkniven TK2

February 28, 2013

Андрей Андреев @ 4:04 am #

I on hunting have cut 2 inks of a wild wild boar one knife ТК2. I am amazed by quality of steel. And even working on a bone, excellent cutting ability was kept

LightAdrenaline @ 5:00 am #

I have the Spyderco Sharpmaker kit and it’s decent, but nothing compares to whetstones and leather stropping. You’ll see Dr. Wako do this in loads of videos as all his edges that aren’t scandi – and mine – are convex. I have an ESEE Laser Strike, 4, Izula, BRKT Aurora, Bravo Necker II, Enzo Camper in O1, Helle GT and a Mora. I use stones on all when needed and strops on all. Stones for reprofiling and serious edge problems. Other than that BRKT black and white compound on strops will do it!

Glenn Herbert @ 5:50 am #

I had the chance today to use my Coldsteel Pendelton Hunter in VG1 steel and after the whole deer it was still hair shaving sharp. Thank for your reply.

TheBladebuster @ 6:34 am #

The carcass has to be out of sight after dressing, probably their laws.

bustfer07 @ 7:24 am #

(I don’t hunt ) why does he move the deer to like tree line ? Why doesn’t he just do it where the deer fell? Just curious.

michelexe65 @ 7:27 am #

I have many Fallkniven and while, they are expensive, they are among the best knives IN THE WORLD. Excellent material and superb workmanship for fit and finish absolutely with no flaws!!!

virtuovice @ 8:04 am #

H1 is a pretty thick blade in a low grind. If in 3G, it will make the strongest deer knife. But I personally don’t like its large geometry and straight handle. I once owned it in VG10 and was much tired with it because of its heaviness and its thick and less ergonomic handle. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:36 am #

I just removed the shoulder to make a genuine convex bevel. Anyway its geometry is very nice for everything. I think a thinner blade is better for slicing and cutting meat. I have never used a flexible (soft?) blade for my field dressing. I like 3 to 4 mm thick blades. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:50 am #

It is not typical in Japan. Many hunters will cut all limbs apart from the body at first and get all the muscles as a bulk from the limb. And from the body they will get back straps and neck muscles. Few hunters will get rib cages. Anyway before cooking we need to separate each muscle and I do it in the field on bealf of the meat consumers. The big stag is very heavy to turn over by myself and I invented this quick technique where all are done only from the back. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:04 am #

It took place actually. During my dressing in darkness the bushes behind me continued to make an animal moving sound. It must have been a bear.

virtuovice @ 9:53 am #

I haven’t tried it yet. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:59 am #

I will do it in the near future. I think it will hold to the last. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:55 am #

I confirmed Fallkniven steels were no chippy. 3G is an impressively nice steel for hunting.

virtuovice @ 11:27 am #

I ever used Cold Steel Master Hunter in VG-1. At that moment I was a knife beginner and I hate its soft rubber handle and its less rust resistance. Since then I haven’t have any Cold Steel knives except for the AUS8 AK-47 folder. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:15 pm #

I already confirmed Vanguard is a very nice knife. I need to evaluate BuckLite Max Large next.

virtuovice @ 1:12 pm #

It is the most difficult question to answer for now. I need the both is an easy answer. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:21 pm #

It can be yes. It must be one of my top 5 hunting knives. Rampless Gunny, Fox River, BJ125, Vanguard, and TK-2.

virtuovice @ 2:03 pm #

Sharpshooter Fine Leather Hone is soft and takes the edge deep while DLT Mini Field Hone doesn’t and we can control the final edge angle with it. If the DLT Mini Field Hone had the largest size in the Otter Box. It is too small for comfortable stropping. Anyway I will carry the full size DLT Two Sided Paddle Strop always in my truck from now on. It’s because I always need to restrop with it after coming home when I use a small strop at a hunting residence for the moment. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:56 pm #

Chosera #600 and #2000 stones, DLT Two Sided Paddle Strop, Bark River black and white compounds. We need all of them, no more no less to make and maintain a scary sharp edge regardless if you are a sharpening beginner or not. It will be almost true from my experience. Spyderco thing is not a sharpening tool but a light touchup tool. Please don’t mistake it. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 3:33 pm #

I bought my one from JRE Industry. But they seem out of stock now.

gravediggermax @ 3:41 pm #

decisions and decisions
life is like that sometimes
see ya

donabb01 @ 4:32 pm #

Once profiled to convex they can’t be beat.F1 blade is a multi purpose survival knife not strictly designed as a hunting knife they are awesome in there own right.
H1 in 3G would be a better choice IMHO

TheMultiGunMan @ 5:02 pm #


eightgeorge @ 5:10 pm #

Once again the TK2 show’s it performance, I think the last time you dressed a few deer’s with it before your accident that you had on the snow mobile? After your modification of the edge it looks like the TK2 is a better performer, I think that the original edge of the TK2 is more for bushcraft maybe? Do you think that a thinner blade is better for slicing and cutting meat? Or have you ever used a blade which is more flexible to dress the deer? Enjoying your season and your reviews, Cheers

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