KA-BAR USMC Combat Knife Review – Full Sized Version



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Comments on KA-BAR USMC Combat Knife Review – Full Sized Version

February 9, 2013

Knight192 @ 4:19 am #

i thought the annoying humming complimented the annoying crinkle of the sheath plastic? nicely..

dan theman @ 4:43 am #

strange , here? in the u.k we get a brown leather sheath , also the box it comes in is just a black box with a picture of the usmc on the front (bought via heinnie haynes) …

CHEWBACCA970 @ 5:16 am #

Was your knife razor sharp out of the box?? Because when I got my Kabar USMC is was pretty dull

Scmidster a @ 5:26 am #

I’m either getting this? or a karambit

Mike Baxter @ 5:53 am #

picked mine up from cabelas. Looks exactly the same as yours but? I got a leather sheath with mine.

sandwichman2010 @ 6:13 am #

just the stamp on the knife?

uuncensored @ 6:20 am #

Nice? review

anthonymhunter99 @ 7:08 am #

I? want it

Brendan Kratts @ 7:36 am #

I? Thought it came with that usmc sheath

BJParker97 @ 8:28 am #

Hey Bob, I have a KA-BAR USMC straight edge and a SOG SEAL team. With the KA-BAR I have a glass filled nylon sheath and SOG SEAL team has a? Kydex? sheath. Will they rust if i leave them in there? If they do what do you suggest I leave them in?

Ian Hausser @ 8:34 am #

Best suggestion I´ve read so far in order to solve? this unnecessary discussion on blood grooves once and for all… ;)

blackdragonbxr @ 9:01 am #

blood groove, no blood? groove… the knife will not stick… UNLESS you jam it in between some bones, in which case the blood groove doesn’t matter…

blackdragonbxr @ 9:45 am #

the blood groove is simply a design… knives DO NOT stick in a body… ask any butcher if his knife ever stuck in a big piece of beef… or any one that has butchered an animal.. sharp knives don’t stick unless you hit a bone and hit it hard enough to jam it…. maybe between two? ribs or in the spine…

seth davenport @ 10:21 am #

you do know you? could have opened that bag you have a ka-bar next to you

96USAF @ 11:03 am #

the other difference from the original is the blade. the original didn’t have a? black epoxy powder coated blade

t3hUBER @ 11:38 am #

I think they use Ontario knives. That might just be? for the bayonet though.

lswasserm1 @ 12:15 pm #

The stacked leather handles are durable, however, under wet or humid conditions? they will decay if the knife is not properly cared for.

neatlyluis @ 12:45 pm #

Why dont? u just open the sheeth otherwise why would u buy it

FroBro28 @ 1:00 pm #

lets all just get some ka-bars and have? a knife fight to settle this “blood groove” arguement..

Garrett reagan @ 1:45 pm #

And? how many knoves do you have, roughly

Garrett reagan @ 1:51 pm #

I hate serrated edges so straight edges are the way to go in my opinion?

daniel hall @ 1:57 pm #

i don’t think my great grandfather who stormed the beaches of Normandy would’ve chosen any other? knife than that knife their

DatWildBoii @ 2:15 pm #

So this knife is the exact model used by marines today or a replica of whats used? today?

patycake720 @ 3:03 pm #

thnx for the fact i didn’t know what that was i thought it was? a design feature to make it look better

patycake720 @ 3:17 pm #

full plain edge or serrated? edge what are your oppinoins?

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