Gerber Gator Review (after use and abuse)


My follow up review of the Gerber Gator after using it for a while.

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Comments on Gerber Gator Review (after use and abuse)

February 27, 2013

thegoldenarmy0495 @ 4:28 am #

i have one in my hands right now smacking the spine right against a thick piece of wood andnothing is happeneing?

cesar cervantes @ 4:29 am #

any? little hit on the spine disingages the lock you can do with your hand too

ecalzo @ 4:30 am #

nice review.. i am going to buy one of those cheap great knife thanks to your review…? thanks mate

tim martin @ 4:48 am #

i have the smaller one like this and i love it. i have had it for about5 years and it is still my? edc

hobit128 @ 5:27 am #

hehehehee….. he? said nipple…

Kian Dana @ 6:10 am #

I bought? this knife last year and its the best I have! I would totally recommend this to anybody. Great multipurpose knife, with the perfect size. And by the way great review!

Ghostsquatter1 @ 7:02 am #

Hmm, Yes, I agree. A flame to the fray is the? best way to go.

cyclist01222 @ 7:18 am #

Try melting the nylon sheath fibers instead of cutting with a razor Ghost. A quick pass of the Bic will cauterize them and prevent future fraying. I do this to all my nylon sheaths, pouches and bags. The? quik pass will not harm the rest of the material and it will look better than new.

Cman524 @ 7:46 am #

Just got one and i love it. It was a great? purchase.

nesbitt615 @ 8:13 am #

and my? slingshots,bb guns, playboys and Hustlers, bag of m-80’s, blowguns, tools, books, —–Basically a spiteful bitch!!!

jaykio77 @ 8:30 am #

i just bought one by mere accident. was passing doing window shopping. this gator serrator grabed my sight. i bought it for 32 USD (i think i was robbed lol). its good looking. i keep it in my belt when ever i go out as? a back up and very concealed……………what………………..WEAPON.

jaykio77 @ 8:37 am #

LOL.? why she had to throw it?

Ghostsquatter1 @ 9:23 am #

Yes, the knife comes without the serrations. I would recommend a non-serrated knife for most applications unless you plan to use? it to cut plastic, rubber and other materials like that.

Freddy7997 @ 10:21 am #

May i buy one? with or without waves

Miguel Guevara @ 11:11 am #

I have one and love it? !

jmabe57 @ 11:33 am #

great review, keep up? the good work chief!

nesbitt615 @ 12:31 pm #

I bought one in 92 and it had “first production run” etched on? the blade, Great knife used and abused it. Had to leave it behind when I joined the military. My mom threw it away along with a Buck 110 special

beast12101 @ 1:10 pm #

great looking knife, good handle feel, sharp is right. My buddy closed it on his finger,? right to the bone

JOE GARZA @ 1:44 pm #

Beautiful knive but somehow buying one has eluded me. I do have several gerbers
the first one? i had was in the 80’s. While handling one i cut myself slightly and scary sharp is so correct, i promply bought it and was hooked on Gerbers. Thanks Kamo

tuffnutt34 @ 2:23 pm #

great review, looks like a good? knife, thanks

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