Deer hunting knives #24-2 / cKc Hunter, Fallkniven TK2, & BR Bravo1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #24-2 / cKc Hunter, Fallkniven TK2, & BR Bravo1

January 10, 2013

virtuovice @ 3:34 am #

After so many tests, I have got to love so many knives. If you allowed me to give you 5~10 names, it would be possible. Thank you!

knivesandstuff @ 3:54 am #

I know what you mean.. but it could simply be that the A2 had a better coat of oil, or for somereason the O1 blades position attracted more humidity, even in the same box. These things are not easily measure or predicable except in a specific test. Both steels just need a light coat of oil, and kept dry and they will last forever. The same quality that makes them easy to maintain, also makes them easier to get surface rust. They are both Great Steels from my testing.

espaceblank @ 4:33 am #

I prefer O1 to A2 because my O1 knife didn’t roll with my lol chopping and fits well to my whetstones. But at first I was surprised to O1 rusting in the same storage condition with A2. It was very hot, moist summer so that I polished the blade to #5000 and took multiple patina with Birchwood super glue. It is no rusting after all and I agree with you finally, but I feel O1 needs enough setup and should be under ordinary rules of knife care and treatment. Just from my experience.

frips1000 @ 4:54 am #

im longing for your cooking videos

knivesandstuff @ 5:08 am #

Great Videos.. How you do these in the cold of Winter I dont know.. so chilly. I’ve sent you a private email with my points of disagreement. All the best and happy new year!

knivesandstuff @ 5:55 am #

Also.. This Kydex sheath was specifcally made with a 1.5mm Gap on all blade area.. That is not the issue.. the issue is leaving blood acid and water on the blade.. Sheathed, or not sheathed it will rust. Kydex/leather is not the problem. The leather may have acted as a cloth to wipe the bravo a little.. but it will rot eventually.

knivesandstuff @ 6:07 am #

This was a great video like always. but I feel there is some misinformation created through a little neglect. A2 is not as bad as rusting as O1.. but both are carbon steel which will readily rust in any envirnonment.. Japan is no different. I am uploading a more scientific demonstration of the rate of rust to clarify this using the 3 knives. I have polished each blade to clean so that its a fair demonstration that O1 is not that much worse.

virtuovice @ 6:50 am #

I haven’t had a custom to wipe a knife after use. That is the wrongest I notice from this experience. So I change my mind and I will wipe knives with a dry cloth and oil them soon after use from the next. I will love the natural patina. Thank you!

espaceblank @ 7:38 am #

O1 is much easier to rust than A2 in Japan.
It may need forced patina or thicker oil treatment,
otherwise ckc kydex sheath might fit so tightly to the blade.
If I am, I will vinegar patina to the Trailbrazer,
and re-order a kydex sheath that have a bit of inside blank space like Bravo-1.
Thanks for sharing.

virtuovice @ 8:14 am #

I have never wiped the blade after deer dressing. I am kind of lazy about the knife care in the field. I must change my mind and do it from the next. This rust was unexpectedly severe. It will surely need some care in the field. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 8:43 am #

Some of my leather stheaths will take the cKc Trailblazer Hunter. So I will try it next chance. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 9:22 am #

I got it directly from Mr. Kyley Harris as known as knivesandstuff on YouTube. It’s a piece of prototype and made of O1 steel. The production Trail Blazer knife will be made of D2 steel. He will take a modification request to this hunter version. Thank you!

traderjoes @ 9:28 am #

Wow, I can wait to get my Mini Trailblazer from Kyley at cKc as well! Seeing it next to the Bravo 1 I can get an idea that it is much better suited for my hand, even though I also have the Bravo 1. Its odd about the rusting, because I have been wearing his cKc 1.0 prototype as a neck knife for many months now under my shirt and Ive never had that kind of rusting with the 01 steel. Maybe it was from the blood and tissue from the deer? The Trailblazer looks like it has the best handle shape

mindsmirror @ 9:29 am #

I don’t think the blade or the sheath are the problem, it’s mostly abuse honestly. When you put carbon steel blades up wet for 10 hours, they will rust. I think kydex really shines is in rain and high moisture. It will not get soaked, you can simply dry the knife and sheath and continue. Try dunking your leather sheath in a river, you’re not going to dry it out in a few minutes. If you know how to make use of its advantages, kydex is superior to leather in the outdoors in my opinion.

mindsmirror @ 9:32 am #

I think the cKc would be just fine with the slightest bit of care honestly. The only time that O1 is a disadvantage is when you don’t want to or can’t care for the blade. I guess I find it a trivial matter to wipe off and oil the blade with proper oil or at least fully clean it with a good cloth before sheathing it. The key to Kydex is that it doesn’t absorb moisture. As long as you don’t introduce moisture into the sheath, it will keep the blade in good shape.

mindsmirror @ 9:49 am #

Btw, it appears that the areas on the cKc which had blood on them are the areas which rusted. The fat may have simply held the blood against the blade? I wonder if it actually helped to rub fat on them without wiping them off first, or was that done to try to promote corrosion?

Freedom100fan @ 10:03 am #

Can you switch the sheaths for the Bravo 1 and the cKc Trailblazer Hunter? It would be a good test to find out if the O1 will rust in the leather Bark River sheath and if the A2 would show rust with the cKc kydex sheath.

camikins772 @ 10:09 am #

Kyley Harris (youtube channel – knivesandstuff) sells knives he makes himself at very fair prices. His website is sellyourknife[dot]com

mz9393mz @ 10:59 am #

Thanks again for the great videos.

Have you looked at the CKC Trailblazer side by side with the Bark River and/or Fiddleback Recluse? They look very similar in overall shape.

TheBladebuster @ 11:02 am #

Ahhhh……very nice. I got my fix of virtuovice’s video for the day.

Lioslaith01 @ 11:36 am #

Where did you get the cKc?

Stargazer88 @ 12:04 pm #

always nice to see you almost debating with yourself like this. Gives a great deal of info to us others. Happy new year to you, and your loved ones as well.

AP0LL0edc @ 12:47 pm #

I always look forward to every video you make. The Bravo-1 looks great for a survival knife and the Gunny seems like your most favourite deer knife. I hope to purchase both some time in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Wako-San!!

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