Deer hunting knives #103 / Helle Futura & BladeTech Pro Hunter Magnum


12C27 is very different from S30V.

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #103 / Helle Futura & BladeTech Pro Hunter Magnum

January 24, 2013

virtuovice @ 4:32 am #

No, I haven’t.

jurajkotian1 @ 5:28 am #

What do you think about RWL34 and M390 steel? Have you ever tried them?

themoodybobby1 @ 5:47 am #

New sub got in on survival knife but hell you are a avid hunter too. Dang brother you sure you are not from Tennessee we have some funny accents around here but you have to be a Tennessee boy regardless

virtuovice @ 5:58 am #

I need to do it soon.

NorwegianKnifeDude @ 6:49 am #

I believe the Helle Futura uses Helles triple laminated steel and not 12c27. Helle Alden has 12c27 though :) 

ornabels @ 7:23 am #

Hi Virtuovice, I’m really interested to find out how well your Enzo badger with D2 steel works for you this season…..Will Enzo’s D2 prove as good as Barkriver’s A2?

polkaholik @ 7:43 am #

Bears in Japan speek english? :-) 

virtuovice @ 8:17 am #

I was said the same thing before. I have a sharpening steel rod and will carry it in my hunting bag from now on. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:30 am #


virtuovice @ 9:15 am #

It can hold longer. But its steel is no chippy and easy to restore, and I don’t like a large angle. So I will keep it just stropped up. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:05 am #

We can hunt a brown bear like a deer during the season. The bear season quits at the end of January to protect them while the deer season continues until the end of March. Bear hunting is easy in March because they wander around on the snow searching for food after waking up from their winter sleep. Formerly spring bear hunting was done and they decreased their population to some thousands. Then the spring bear hunt was banned and now they are increasing. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 11:01 am #

I will have 3V Gunny soon to compare with A2 and S35VN Gunny. I will need to make it clear which steel is the best for my purpose. I will make it clear soon. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:00 pm #

It was stropped before use. But all my Helle edges came in a zero grind Scandi bevel with a very narrow and shallow final polishing area.

virtuovice @ 12:12 pm #

I don’t wait at all to approach it after I have shot it.

virtuovice @ 12:43 pm #

Much better than AUS8. A bit worse than 154CM. Anyway 1095 is not chippy. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:22 pm #

I totally agree with you. It is easy to sharpen and no chippy. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:32 pm #

We don’t need a special permit to hunt a bear.

virtuovice @ 1:55 pm #

We have some thousand brown bears only on Hokkaido island. I hunt in the bear densest area on this island. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:40 pm #

You are correct. I cannot find any descriptions where Helle steel is 12C27. It will be my prejudice. Thanks.

gravediggermax @ 3:00 pm #

headed for 104 now – nice going again.
see ya - Sandy has passed headed north for more wind and rain

Kejatz @ 3:58 pm #

HAHAHAHA, ain’t that the truth my friend!!! Would be cool to do a mix of best Wako moments.

BrujoHN @ 4:10 pm #

11. You can’t remember when you started saying “Wa! Scary sharp!” :)

BrujoHN @ 4:21 pm #

Haha! I think I am an addict…

VicariousReality7 @ 4:28 pm #

What gun are you using on those critters

TheBladebuster @ 4:41 pm #

I think I am in on all 10!!!!! I am curious how other views fare on the top 10 (lol)

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