Spyderco Citadel…AMAZING!


My first impressions of my new Spyderco Citadel Automatic. And I have to say, I am VERY impressed

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Comments on Spyderco Citadel…AMAZING!

January 28, 2013

moosedrummer1 @ 4:34 am #

@xilix amen!

xiuxiu1313 @ 4:58 am #

Just looks. Like on their fixed blades.

bas949 @ 5:45 am #

what’s the spyderhole for?

xiuxiu1313 @ 6:02 am #


GoreF1en4 @ 6:31 am #

I just ordered mine tonight because of your video!

xiuxiu1313 @ 7:04 am #

Oh man! I’m jealous! Use it in good health

rww38 @ 7:44 am #

Thanks for the great review. Mine should be here in a few days. Best part I can add it to my EDC. Legal in Florida with a CCW.

xiuxiu1313 @ 7:47 am #

Yeah LOL. They aren’t too strict on that there.

xXBallistic82Xx @ 8:13 am #

i just ordered one with the black blade from BladeHq. I never knew I could, but the order went through. I can’t wait to get it.

xiuxiu1313 @ 9:00 am #

Man, that sucks bro! I definitely feel your pain

millwrightman99 @ 9:39 am #

was your girlfriend giving you a finger rub or sumpin like that .

millwrightman99 @ 10:34 am #

was your girlfriend giving you a finger rub or sumpin like that .

millwrightman99 @ 10:47 am #

Yes guys & dont forget according to your friendly local governments almost everywhere — its not the blade that cuts you its the spring — cus it only hurts if it comes out automatically —-Governments are all full of Dusche bags & morons the world over . .
Nice knife anyway But I’ll have to settle for a Paramilitary as soon as it comes in .
Our laws here are as draconian as they can shove down our over-taxed throats .

xiuxiu1313 @ 11:35 am #

some will. some won’t. I hear bladeops is pretty lax about that and will ship wherever. If the package somehow gets confiscated it’s on you though.

BatCav3Productions @ 12:03 pm #

So if there illegal in my states they wont ship to me?

xiuxiu1313 @ 1:02 pm #

Just ordered it from bladehq. Autos are legal in my state, so there are three dealers that sell them here, bladeplay, bladehq, and bladops.

BatCav3Productions @ 1:32 pm #

How did you get this??

shawn4201111 @ 1:33 pm #

got stabbed with my endura a little bit more than a 1/4 inch into my hand while watching this PLEASE BE SAFE WITH KNIVES

xiuxiu1313 @ 2:14 pm #

for sure. I will be doing another Citadel video here soon

Bhaltazhar @ 2:43 pm #

Good solid investment!

MTaylor1715 @ 3:20 pm #

Keep up all the great vids!!!

MTaylor1715 @ 4:11 pm #

Recently subscribed after viewing this vid and was hoping you could do a vid on size comparison between the full size Citadel and perhaps a Spyderco Military or paramilitary 2?

unphazed123 @ 4:15 pm #

nice review again. wish i had one…

TheMotoriikkamiikka @ 5:12 pm #

finally i found the knife i was looking for. even in sale the price was little high to my opinion. but quality comes with a price. just ordered it. have to wait few days until it hits my mailbox. great review! thx.

bobmellon @ 5:58 pm #

i agree i dont like the knife to penetrate too deep

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