knife storage in a pelican case part 1 of 2


The pelican case 1600 functions very well as a knife storage system. For me, it’s the ultimate for my folding knives. Cool, waterproof, bombproof, kidsproof, totally configurable and easy access. Plus, you can carry it :) The knives won’t rub against each other and are comfortably packed in foam. Stores about 90 knives, depending on how you put them in there. You will see the pros, the cons, the way to configure and store your knives and I will talk about pricing and options. part 1 of 2 Some people have stated that these cases trap moisture. that is not correct. because of the gore-tex membrane the moisture content inside will be in equilibrium with the outside moisture content. But no water can ingress through the membrane, so when moisture content outside rises, moisture will not go in. meaning that in the long term, the moisture content will be that of the lowest moisture content of the outside that was reached in the period that the case was not opened.

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Comments on knife storage in a pelican case part 1 of 2

January 10, 2013

TheFrostKnife @ 3:54 am #


s2601d @ 4:41 am #

Can you travel by plane with this case?

CallMeNorris @ 5:34 am #

are you Russian?

mactheknife801 @ 5:59 am #

amazing idea, glad i found this

whitebrad25 @ 6:48 am #

Just picked up this case for $100 shipped. I will be storing and transporting some firearms in it though. Thanks for the video. It gave a good idea of the internal dimensions (not just numbers but tangible measurements with objects).

guamcruz97 @ 7:01 am #

Can u fit XL knives like the CS voyager?

antonc108 @ 7:03 am #

Just kidding man, looks like an awesome collection.

antonc108 @ 7:35 am #

Why do you have so much knives? Do you work in a circus, knife thrower or eater or something?

jaerone2010 @ 7:51 am #

Where do you get the foam stuff?

TheRiz52 @ 8:30 am #

Great use for that case.

john mckenzie @ 9:25 am #

no forks

6663000 @ 9:30 am #

what was the name of the small knife @ 3:00?

Gary Hanson @ 10:09 am #

have you had any problems with corrosion or blade staining?

PutnU2sleep @ 10:48 am #

Nice neat look. Keep up the good work.

smokeysniper123 @ 10:58 am #

damn thats the smartest idea ever

Oshyrath @ 11:40 am #

I searched up dice in the beginning.

sprintingwith knives @ 12:20 pm #

yes i think we all did

247Danimal @ 12:30 pm #

love the OCD cleanliness

Emceecyclone @ 1:17 pm #

any one else get a wargasm when he opened the pelican case?

Jgleasonraptor @ 1:54 pm #

kick ass collection

joop226 @ 2:50 pm #

waar heb je hem gekocht?

fat jigaboo @ 3:11 pm #

does anyone have a creative way like this to store fixed blades?

snhoOk @ 3:26 pm #

verrryy nais dutch akcent

chickenlord007 @ 3:31 pm #

Nice case and nice knife collection. I want to start a collection but here in Australia, everything is pretty much illegal.

zunedog31 @ 4:24 pm #

How much does something like this cost?

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