Boker Anti-MC Ceramic Folder


My impression of my new Boker Ceramic blade folder

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Comments on Boker Anti-MC Ceramic Folder

January 22, 2013

JoakimfromAnka @ 3:52 am #

Mine had no problem with finish or blade play but the edge was disappointing. Could not even scratch the hair on your arm. :( It’s the least sharp of all my knives out of the box.

MrMapex2010 @ 4:02 am #

Wow, I want one

xiuxiu1313 @ 4:03 am #

Yup, somewhere around there. Super light.

oLdSkOoLkisS @ 4:29 am #

I might buy this model soon…but i will remove that cheesy clip and carry in front pocket.It is only 2.5 ounces right??

damarei @ 5:11 am #



44SCB @ 5:22 am #

Stainless is only bad when your talken sword. knifes r okay.

radu197666 @ 5:58 am #

Man , you can’t said ‘almost as hard as diamond’ .
Ceramic / zirconia has a 8.5 hardness on the MOHS scale while the diamond is rated for 10 , it’s considered to be 5 times harder !
It’s funny to have it – for 50$-60$ – but it’s quite impractical – just cutting paper/vegetables/fruits – It looks awesome though but I would go with a BM SKIRMISH or SPY SAGE II :)

Bjo15 @ 6:12 am #

I do hope you realise i meant the knife at 1:25 …

xiuxiu1313 @ 6:57 am #

Stainless? It’s a ceramic blade with Titanium scales.

Bjo15 @ 7:47 am #

did it say stainless ? throw it away

sc0186 @ 7:51 am #

if I remember right, the glass “sharpening” thing is just a bridging/stopgap (at least for steel blades). The “blunt” knife becomes (allegedly) sharp(er) for a short time, but needs to get sharpened one way or the other.

xiuxiu1313 @ 8:10 am #

I think it was around 40 give or take.

jfkdjfd @ 8:14 am #

I bought me a Stone River Gear ceramic with the Carbon Fiber handles. So, how uch did you pay for that blade?

xiuxiu1313 @ 8:42 am #

Interesting…I’ll have to look into that.

jfkdjfd @ 8:51 am #

I’m looking in my A.G Russell catalog, and this looks exactly, EXACTLY like the Stone River Gear Ceramic Black Titanium Hollow folder.

jfkdjfd @ 9:31 am #

I always thought them Spydercos were so funny looking. I would never spend my money on one though. Gerber and Stone River Gear, and Lone Wolf Paul Defenders.

OldboySaint @ 9:37 am #

No you sharpen them using a diamond sharpening stone.

nodillinger @ 9:43 am #

not sure what you mean by smooth side of glass but pretty much yes i’ve had some luck with a technique simulated shaving of the glass,edge forward like your shaving but you must be careful of the cant/angle to not screw-up the stock shaping/configuration,also apiece of fired un-glazed ceramic tile like a paver works for more aggressive edging experiment with one of those cheap ceramic paring knives you always see in cutlery stores try a damp papertowel to stop glass slipping

xiuxiu1313 @ 10:16 am #

Really? That’s interesting. So do you just slide it on the smooth side like you would a sharpening stone?

nodillinger @ 10:31 am #

i’ve heard you can sharpen it on a piece of glass

Temperdgrump @ 11:19 am #

Since you own this one….which do you think is a better buy between this and the anti-grav? titanium handle better than carbon fiber?

xiuxiu1313 @ 11:51 am #

Good question! They are extremely hard, hence the great edge, but that also means they are brittle. Definitely not a hard use knife, but exactly how much they can take before breaking? I don’t know.

ThomasMin1988 @ 11:59 am #

how solid are those ceramic blades? do they break easily?

xiuxiu1313 @ 12:09 pm #

definitely the fanciest knife I own!

themediocrepirate @ 1:06 pm #

It looks like it’d make a great “Fancy” gentleman’s knife. 

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