Deer hunting knives #87 / Buck Vanguard & BuckLite Max


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #87 / Buck Vanguard & BuckLite Max

December 20, 2012

Red Schneider @ 3:46 am #

Thanks, I saw it in? the next video.

virtuovice @ 4:08 am #

Yes, it? is.

virtuovice @ 4:47 am #

I recently always cut backstraps, inner thighs, and outer? hips. The inner thighs are the second soft to the backstraps. But from the next season I will need the lower leg muscles too for a soup recipe. Its collagen will make good gelatin in the soup. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 5:15 am #

Not yet. I? prefer metal color blades. Thanks.

TheBladebuster @ 6:04 am #

I compared him to Les Stroud in a way because he documents his adventure the same way. As a hunter yes but as a survivalist maybe but I am sure if the situation arises (which I hope not) he is? more than capable to fend for himself. He is a truly one amazing individual for sure.

Red Schneider @ 6:28 am #

What was that noise from? about 3:20 to about 4:20, was it a stove?

Red Schneider @ 7:23 am #

I wish I spoke Japanese, whenever you’re talking to your friends and family it? sounds very interesting but I have no clue.

Matt24ishere @ 7:34 am #

He is a Doctor first which is crazy… He is obviously? a master at what ever he chooses to do. This deer have a pro cutting on them.

gravediggermax @ 7:59 am #

I forgot? to add – - very kewl driving on the ledge

handsomewood1 @ 8:54 am #

Les Stroud?

Not hardly.

Waku is not a survivalist, he is a hunter and knife collector/user. Actually ,he knows? FAR more about knives than Les Stroud ever will.

handsomewood1 @ 9:07 am #

I have owned the same knife as Shown here for about the same time. The Bucklite max knives DO have a full tang? that extend past the lanyard hole. The reason why Waku says the handle is not :”gummy” is because it is really just about a 1/8″ to 1/4″ covering of the blade tang. It is a VERY solid knife and I do believe once you use it you will leave it as is. The handle is easy to seem very trim and very light With sheath it only weighs 5.5 ounces – about one ounce more than the Mora Companions

gravediggermax @ 9:39 am #

Glad u are back also.
Nice hunt – kewl reviews – funny we just talked about orange buck
Good luck – going to peek at? 88 now

bigo57dean @ 10:27 am #

I love? Buck knives…I’ve owned the 110 folder for almost 30 years now and it holds a razor edge like nobody’s business

rainmechanic @ 11:14 am #

You know before i subscribed to your channel i had no idea how beautiful Japan was or that this sort of wilderness and game animals were available to Japanese sportsman……. Some of the scenery you film is just breathtaking….. Btw… i would like to know what cuts of deer you feel are the absolute best cuts to remove? from a deer besides the backstraps… If you were going to remove two different cuts what would they be?…… Thanks Virtuo.

TheBladebuster @ 11:23 am #

Love seeing the dog with? the hunting party!

TheBladebuster @ 12:12 pm #

Don’t worry – he makes videos all year round.? Fall/Winter = Hunting video, Spring = Edible plants gathering video/cooking video. Summer = Camping and Fishing video. He is sort of a Japanese version of Les Stroud :)

TheBladebuster @ 12:19 pm #

I wonder if the bucklite max has full tang….what if I get a new one – take out the kraton handle and make wood scale for it to give it stability? for your twisting. What do you think?

steveo6891 @ 12:54 pm #

Very good video wako! I hope you continue making videos after deer season? is over!

MrBenrokEarth @ 1:23 pm #

Great? video and nice to see you again.

sebenzalover @ 2:13 pm #

great as always
wish you could include? your hunting lunches in the viredos

TiM9FG @ 2:27 pm #

great video? as always.

sdsardog @ 3:22 pm #

Wako have you tried any of the Buck knives in S30v? from

Roosterdad50 @ 3:53 pm #

I was starting to worry about you because I? haven’t seen a video from you in a while! I’m glad to see that everything is OK. great video! : )

MyHollowpoint @ 4:34 pm #

I have the? folding Buck which I’ve had since 1973, still in great shape :)

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