Schrade Extreme Survival Automatic Knife


Here is my Schrade Extreme Auto knife and what my impressions are

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Comments on Schrade Extreme Survival Automatic Knife

December 29, 2012

KH990j @ 4:32 am #

Also mine is? not auto it has the button but it’s open by gravity or a flick of the wrist and features a lock over the release button.

KH990j @ 5:14 am #

There are so many things that I like about this knife: it’s a tanto, I love the button setup, it’s got a good handle, has a window breaker that also acts as the lugnut for the clip unlike most clips that only have tiny screws, and it’s made in Taiwan instead of China.? The biggest downside to this knife is the fact that the paint wears off really quick. I’ve had mine for a year now and all the edges show signs of wear.

xiuxiu1313 @ 5:52 am #

Yeah…I was still a pretty big “newb” when I? madethis vid.

jamsnation @ 5:52 am #

a full grind doesnt have a line where the grind stops it would be flat from edge to back so that is a half grind?

THE13EARJEW @ 6:10 am #

The Spyderco Tenacious is about $30 (Chinese), and the Byrd line of Spyderco are around $30, but all Chinese? if that’s an issue,

Mrjeepcherokee1 @ 6:20 am #

Thanks for the reply. Im prob gonna get a CRKT M16-12ZER. After? losing a Gerber Paraframe the orange handle on the crkt seams like a good idea.

xiuxiu1313 @ 7:12 am #

For what role? Edc? A? really nice bare bones EDC blade is the Spyderco Delica. Great size, great steel, solid as a rock. Not made in the USA, but Spyderco itself is a very promanant USA company. The Kershaw Skyline is a steal at around 30 as well, if you like flipper knives.

Mrjeepcherokee1 @ 8:02 am #

In your opinion what is the best folding knife on the market for less than $45? If its American made that would be a major? plus for me. That’s a pretty limited field though.

anonymous1140 @ 8:21 am #

Ok, thanks alot, iv? been trying to decide between the two and that helps alot

xiuxiu1313 @ 8:34 am #

IMO 440C and AUS 8 are really close together. It all comes down the the quality of the heat treat being used. In some cases a knife in AUS 8 will perform better, others 440 C, and alot of the time? the same. I haven’t put either though enough tests to say in this case.

anonymous1140 @ 9:05 am #

Thanks,? and what about the steel? The schrade is 440 but the boker is aus 8. I know aus 8 is pretty good, but iv had a few knives with 440 and it wasn’t the greatest. I did have one that was actually pretty good though.

xiuxiu1313 @ 9:20 am #

They are both pretty on par with eachother, but if I had to lean a certain way I would go with the shcrade. It fires much easier? and feels better in hand (my hand at least)

anonymous1140 @ 9:54 am #

In your opinion, which is the better, biker AK 74, or schrade? extreme survival auto?

unphazed123 @ 10:21 am #

they also tear flesh really badly if you are to impale someone because of their shape so its ideal for self-defense. i? have a trench knife with a chisel grind but i’ve yet to use it in self defense, its just too heavy to carry.

xiuxiu1313 @ 11:13 am #

True. Since making this? video I have learned the same thing. Basically one less side to sharpen.

unphazed123 @ 11:13 am #

i actually heard chisel grinds? are easier to sharpen.

Tyner Richardson @ 12:09 pm #

Is this illegal to if you use it as a? hunting blade?

Dylan Myers @ 12:12 pm #

or bladehq is a good one and? its usually a few bucks cheaper

xiuxiu1313 @ 12:25 pm #

No issues yet…?

TheM14ebr @ 1:11 pm #

is that button ever be an? issue for you?

ktmyamaha01 @ 2:11 pm #

ok cool. ill take a look. these things look like hours of fun to play with?

xiuxiu1313 @ 2:25 pm #

Ordering online is a good way to? go. check out bladeops

ktmyamaha01 @ 2:52 pm #

definitely going to subb. i stumbled across these? videos and now i want an automatic front blade although i still dont know shit about these, except they’re illegal in my state. how can i get one?

xiuxiu1313 @ 2:59 pm #

Some will, some won’t. Just depends on the seller.?

ozzyfreak994 @ 3:10 pm #

these knives are beautiful, great review. and btw even if the knife isnt legal in some states will they still ship it? to you? cause i live in nj and im reaaallly diggin that extreme tactical

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