Lion Steel SR-1 Damascus Review


The Lion Steel SR-1 is officially one of the coolest knives I own. Last year upon its introduction, it took the coveted “Most innovative imported design” at Blade, making it one of the most sought after knives of the year. I managed to score one of the exclusive raindrop damascus SR-1’s earlier this month and have been thoroughly impressed. I have to say it’s easily one of the most beautiful knives I’ve ever seen, and it’s built like a tank. Seriously, this is one of the best made knives I’ve ever seen, and that’s really saying something because I’ve owned a LOT of knives. Every part of the SR-1 is primo and made to impress- the monoblock construction of the frame and lock, the Nicholas Raindrop Damascus blade, the integral deep carry clip and glass breaker, the rotoblock lock stablizer, the steel locking inserts, it just doesn’t get any better than this. As far as I’m concerned, the SR-1 is the absolute pinnacle of performance in a manual folding knife, and about as good as they come, although they don’t come cheap. Expect to fork over anywhere from 255$ for an aluminum version to around 500$ for a damascus and Ti version like you see here. While they are expensive knives, you DO get what you pay for in an extremely high quality knife. Cool Scale: 10/10 Rarity Scale: 9/10 Value Scale: 5/10 Quality Scale: 10/10 Features Scale: 10/10 Easily one of if not the best manual folding knives on the market today as of May 29th 2011. If you like the video please

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Comments on Lion Steel SR-1 Damascus Review

December 23, 2012

noredcr @ 4:05 am #

love the knife. HATE that clip. complete turn off.

Locutus D'Borg @ 4:10 am #

I want one NOW! But they sell out quickly. Thanks.

TheWanskiz @ 4:11 am #

Wow, super sick in Damascus, truly a work of art. If I were to buy one the only cutting it would do is on paper

JaguarSBA @ 4:19 am #

Your enthusiasm in the summary write up does not really come through in the video at all.

JaguarSBA @ 5:04 am #

I don’t find the rotoblock gimmicky at all. If i had to whittle wood, or cut into really tough stuff, you can bet i would prefer this knife over almost any other folder.

Prowler1 @ 5:13 am #

nice?NO, They’re amazing!

h15sulo @ 5:54 am #

Cool knife. The lochsa is hard to get and thus inflated. Directly from Scott its only about 600 so only 100 more than the Sr 1. Considering its a custom its really not bad so the milling of a solid piece of titanium must not bee TOO hard, although still difficult and cool.

fischybuns @ 5:56 am #

Is the handle bronze anodized or blasted?

PRSpl4yer @ 6:29 am #

I have a few PRS guitars… mostly I play a Mira and a Custom 24 thru a fender deville and keep a radial plexitube and an MXR carbon copy around for kicks. Mostly just find for me but I used to play in a band.

PRSpl4yer @ 6:45 am #

I have a few PRS guitars… mostly I play a Mira and a Custom 24 thru a fender deville and keep a radial plexitube and an MXR carbon copy around for kicks. Mostly just find for me but I used to play in a band (until I took an arrow to the knee).

ShredderHippieJB @ 7:15 am #

i’m just curious abt ur name; PRSpl4yer; your name tells me your a guy who is into a quality built USA guitar that is second to none; i’d like 2 know what model & also if you would post more vids w/ it?

PRSpl4yer @ 7:24 am #

Because it’s very expensive, about the price of a custom knife, and it doesn’t offer much that less expensive knives don’t. That said, the damascus is killer and the monoblock construction is awesome, so I gave it medium marks for value.

squanto9328 @ 7:58 am #

why 5/10 on value?

BigRooster747 @ 8:01 am #

the extra lock is cool, since in gripping it tightly CAn close the knife with disastrous effects..

PRSpl4yer @ 8:44 am #

Yep, as its aged and I’ve carried it it’s broken in to where it’s almost silent now.

fulie1 @ 9:33 am #

There is probably “noise” or friction in the pivot because of the layers of damascus besides being needed to be broken in.

ZippoThisKnifeThat @ 10:20 am #

Had to comment again.
Excellent run down!
Music, review, commentary text.

ZippoThisKnifeThat @ 11:07 am #

the RD Damascus looks GREAT!

Love me RD on any knife.
This knife is far too big for my tastes, but this ones definitley a looker!

PRSpl4yer @ 11:46 am #

Yep, the rotoblock is manual. It’s alright… but not something I can’t live without

PRSpl4yer @ 12:33 pm #

Yeah I’ve heard stories about CRK’s “amazing” warrantee that requires you to pay for every bit of work they do on your knife. Idk about real talk lol, but that’s just how I use my knives. I never really though of Sebenzas as fast knives, all the ones I’ve owned have been pretty slow. Still tho, they’re pretty knives, I’m looking to buy one but I’m waiting for one with the right graphics on it, I’m a sucker for their artwork lol.

wolf5391 @ 1:07 pm #

damn that damascus looks beautiful. great pick up man love the knife. cant go wrong with titanium and damascus

edgedweapon88 @ 1:41 pm #

Great looking knife and outstanding review. Keep up the great work. Nice pictures at the end! 

oromoto @ 2:23 pm #

Awesome score bro!

BBQofDOOM @ 2:26 pm #

Does the roto block engage manually only ?

great review, I don’t care much for people furiously masturbating over the specs as much as the actual design of the knives and functionality. If you’re looking at this review then you already know what you need to know about the knife and are just looking for what others say about it. Look forward to more reviews from you in the future with more realtalk (retard opening. Did you know that flicking a sebenza voids the “amazing warranty” ?)

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