Buck Zipper Hunting Knife Review


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Comments on Buck Zipper Hunting Knife Review

December 5, 2012

Sledge276 @ 4:14 am #

What about the edge? How? well does it retain it’s sharpness?

fpsHacker5950 @ 5:09 am #

thats a? very sexy knife and sheath. Wish i had one, but i dont have a use of that type of hunting knife as im a bird and fish hunter.

1125djm @ 5:46 am #

the gut-hook?

JakePVids @ 6:31 am #

I just got this? knife. Extremely sharp and great looking

JakePVids @ 6:34 am #

What knife is? it?

wwwknivestowncom @ 7:25 am #

“Great” survival knives don’t have saw teeth on them. Check out the Becker BK2, ESEE 5 or 6? or Junglass. Take a look at Entrek, TOPS and Busse.

yidox4 @ 7:30 am #

I am planning to buy a buck omni? hunter hunting knife (the one with the gutter), is it a good knife ?

96Vebbis @ 7:37 am #

wath is the diffrent betveen a? zipper and a vanguard?

MusicMan53100 @ 8:04 am #

In your opinion what is a great survival knife built to standards for field dressing animals (deer, etc.), has got a great saw on it and a? hammering tool?

GatorNate5 @ 8:58 am #

no, but one thing you can do, and this will sound ridiculous but it works, smear the brass with a light layer of ketchup, let it sit for 5mins, wipe it off and then use some sort of a brass safe non toxie cleaner on it jus? to get the smell off, and it will restore the brass to its shiny condition

96Vebbis @ 9:44 am #

I prefer this knife to anyone who hunts, fishes and likes to walk in the? woods

ExtremeCrazyStuff @ 10:30 am #

i hav the same one just diffrent wood ans shealth color it’s a? great knife

Misha24156 @ 10:49 am #

cost? is $71 US dollars

yoyomasterzeak @ 10:52 am #

these knives are espically good for mother? in law

zinkerled @ 11:51 am #

‘The knife? comes out.” lol great

pocock24 @ 11:56 am #

i got one like? that

goodman4301 @ 12:44 pm #

the? zipper. OUCH

amritg187 @ 1:19 pm #

gut? hooker :)

lilham10809 @ 1:30 pm #

at kester110, if a hunting knife wasn’t sharp how would? you skin game?

clayton1clayton1 @ 1:51 pm #

whats he point of? you sayin that

syrano2005 @ 2:30 pm #

it started to loose the gold? colour paint, usually it’s copper, so it looks brownish orrange

kester110 @ 3:29 pm #

i hav the besst hunting knive? its made out of the strongest steel it cuts ur finger deep if u slide it across it lightly

comicfan21 @ 4:05 pm #

just use some metal cleaner on it, such as brasso,? and it should go back to it’s original color if you clean it right

tacticalassasin9 @ 4:52 pm #

Thanks? dude! =)

wwwknivestowncom @ 5:26 pm #

You could do some light hammering with it, but it is not really intended as a secondary tool/hammer like you might find on a? survival knife. The cap is aluminum, so its light and would not have much force behind it.

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