Japanese Hunting Knives and BladeTech Pro Hunter Magnum


KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife, Straight
The Ka Bar’ was designed to serve our troops during WW II and is still doing its job, with honors, more than 50 Years la… Click for More Info >>
Gerber 22-41131 Profile Guthook Fixed Blade Knife
Gerber Profile Guthook Fixed Blade Knife. A heavy – duty, multi – purpose blade… for the field or everyday use! Tipped… Click for More Info >>
ACE SE Hunting Knife with Fire Starter
The thick green cord wrapped handle allows for a secure and comfortable grip while the pommel lanyard insures that your … Click for More Info >>
Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Ninja Knives with Nylon Case
The set of three Ninja Kunai knives comes with a case that you can keep them in. Carry on your belt or in your backpack…. Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Japanese Hunting Knives and BladeTech Pro Hunter Magnum

November 29, 2012

kafferism @ 4:02 am #

hello sir your friend has some? nice knifes .

TheBloodshotFilms @ 4:51 am #

Damn, was worth a shot, do you own any Buck folding knives you are? willing to show, or have already shown?

virtuovice @ 5:38 am #

We cannot sharpen Kitano edge. He send it back when? it is needed. He knows Mr. Kitano in person and other custom knife makers as well. So it seems like his regular way. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:23 am #

No, I don’t. My car seats are genuine leather. And small items like a wallet? are leather. But I have never made a product from my deer fur. Thanks.

zvirfor @ 6:55 am #

Graet video! Many Thanks!!!
It’s very interesting to me – how does your friend? sharpen Kitano edge???

Scentapede @ 7:05 am #

Awesome video!?

JoseChung21 @ 7:54 am #

Coming from Ohio, we know here that our Japanese brothers make some of the best steel in the world. Yours is a long? a proud tradition of craftsmanship. I, like you Mr. Virtuovice prefer Western steel however. Thank you for your videos.

宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします @ 8:14 am #


alexcfotografia @ 8:59 am #

that big knife is really awesome!
do u use the animal skins? for something in your home?

gremlock @ 9:28 am #

CPM S30V isn’t normally a chippy steel when properly heat treated to? its preferred HRC of 58-59. Anything harder than that (60+) will make it a chippy steel.

virtuovice @ 10:12 am #

Japan Knife Direct (.com) shows some Hattori knives. Some of them look like Fallkniven TK2 and are made of Cowry X Damascus like Fallkniven Idun Cowry X Damascus. I know all Fallkniven knives are made in Japan. So? I suspect Hattori is making them. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:29 am #

No,? I haven’t.

virtuovice @ 10:36 am #

No, I don’t. My? tase is rather for western knives. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:42 am #

I always try to do it. But when I have a friend with me, he is always not a good cameraman for me and I kind of hesitate to take his shooting being? afraid that he gets nervous about it. I renewed my tripod to a taller one and hope it will help me to take more exciting scenes in my solo hunting. Thanks.

haff202 @ 10:55 am #

Perhaps your friend would like to? donate a couple of dozen knives for a “give away” for all of your Youtube fans? Roll the dice please.

virtuovice @ 11:28 am #

I found it just before? from some guy’s suggestion. It worked as you say actually. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 11:36 am #

No. I like? rusty spots or patina made naturally. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:02 pm #

I have another Mr. Itou’s knife from him which has damascus steels for its sides. Its core is R2 which is pretty durable. Its tip took bend a bit and I sent it back to him. He passed it to Mr. Itou? at the knife show and Mr. Itou sent it back directly to me after the restoration. Its tip is a bit rounder and much nicer now for the actual deer dressing. His one has a rounder tip too as you can see in this video. My one appears in my video “Deer hunting knives #57″. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:11 pm #

I didn’t know it. It does it as you say when I turn the dial all the way to the other end. It works in two different magnifications. It takes focus just at two points on the dial, 30x and 210x. I first meet this kind of lens. Its dial works for forcusing and changing magnification at tha same time. I am much surprised now. I can give knife people a general? view of the edge at first and when I find a problem I can magnify it much larger. It’s for $100 and works more than expected. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 12:47 pm #

I confirmed? it. It can be better. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:47 pm #

I? can agree. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:35 pm #

I agree. They take American designs largely.? Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:49 pm #

I do think as you do. He is a real knife lover and collects only Japanese custom knives. His location is close to Seki city and Takefu city where many custom knife makers are working. He has never said about the price of his knives and I have never asked too. He runs a company and will have money nearly endlessly. He is a kind of supporter of some famous custom knife makers and always go to Seki Knife Show annually to get new knives. He is also the? biggest stag handle supplyer to custom makers.

virtuovice @ 3:21 pm #

I didn’t? know it. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 4:14 pm #

He gifted me the cord wrapped knife. I will resharpen it soon. If possible I will make? a video. Thanks.

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