Deer hunting knives #65 / Goddard Hunter, BladeTech, & Forrester7


The first 2 deer for the DiamondBlade D2 friction forged blade.

Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife with Coated Tanto Blade and Rubber Coated Handle, Black
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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F03T-N Jungle Primitive, Black Hardcased
When it’s survival of the fittest, this imposing 9-1/2-inch blade is fit for survival. It is made of hardcase black-coat… Click for More Info >>
Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife
The Tanto blade shape, of Asian influence, has a thick pointed blade that’s good for penetration. Coupled with a glass-… Click for More Info >>
KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath, Black
All black knife in a fixed blade design and straight edged bladeEquipped with a partially serrated edge, the full-size K… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #65 / Goddard Hunter, BladeTech, & Forrester7

November 15, 2012

thedawnawakening @ 4:15 am #

You said it, dying in the mountains or any place of natural beauty will make me a happy man. I just wished my mother was strong enough when she passed away. She joined the heavens in a hospice.

Great vid as always, take care {~_~}

Red Schneider @ 4:55 am #

Thanks for the reply. Wow, I wish I could get that many per season. Our seasons in the US are much shorter than yours, and we have many many more hunters.

virtuovice @ 5:20 am #

We have 6 month deer hunting season here from October to March. We have no limit and I get 70 deer a year in average. I don’t need hard portions of the meat at all. Therefore I get only back straps, inner thighs, and outer hips. When I don’t need much meat, I don’t take outer hips but only straps and thighs. We have 700 thousand deer for 2 thousand hunters here. 350 deer are assigned to a single hunter. It’s because of the very strict gun control law. Thanks.

Red Schneider @ 5:33 am #

Is there a limited season ( government regulated) deer hunting season in Japan? If so how long is the season and is there a limit of deer you can take? Are those four pieces of meat all that you take from the deer?

virtuovice @ 6:14 am #

My winter hunting spots are limited to 6. And each is just 4 square miles. I know their land shape very well and I don’t go over two ridges. So I will never loose the way back. Walking on the ridge is very safe in winter. Every mountain is steep and walking distance is short. And if the car doesn’t work, I can reach the main traffic in half an hour by walk. And I am a doctor and know very well that dying in the mountain is much happier than in the hospital. Thanks.

tripeee58 @ 6:35 am #

What kind of precautions do you take to insure that if you are stranded for whatever reason, that you would be able to survive. I ask because it seems like you do alot of solo hunting in areas that are sparsly poupulated and quite remote. If your car were to malfunction or you were injured what would you do?

virtuovice @ 7:29 am #

Yes. I ever met a bear 3 times in 50 yard range. Once I was in my truck, another I was walking in the river, another I was riding on the snowmobile. And there are lots of their remains like dung or footmarks here and there in the mountain. In my 3 cases they all ran away. But I am nervous on the case when I shoot it but it didn’t kill it but just wound it. It will probably attack me. Their population is estimated like 10,000 on this island. Thanks.

yloiron @ 7:40 am #

I know you mention bears often in your videos . Have you ever had a close encounter with one ?

MrSkater243 @ 8:35 am #

Whatever floats your boat but they’re pretty good for burgers and chili.

labandit1 @ 8:44 am #

Thank you for your response. I am still learning..

virtuovice @ 9:04 am #

I guess you are saying about the iliopsoas muscle. If so it’s a small muscle and its fiber direction is diagonal and not useful in cooking. So I have never appreciated it. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:22 am #

To cut the neck-skull joint the knife must move precisely. Then a short blade has advantage. Just for cutting throat a long knife can be better. The edge will surely chip majorly if I try to chop off the head. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:13 am #

Now it is -15 degree C outside and bears must be in their winter sleep. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:33 am #

Because it seems rather difficult to make fur products. It smells bad as time goes when nothing is done for it. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 11:19 am #

Other portions are all fibrous. I guess you like a sirloin steak. It is the thickest portion of the back strap. I believe you don’t like a front leg steak because you cannot bite it. The fibrous portions can be sausages. But the sausage maker charges me $300 for the full meat from a deer. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:13 pm #

If I get all the meat from a deer and send it to the sausage maker. I will have tons of sausages and have to pay $300 for each deer. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:37 pm #

It is the neck muscle taken with the back muscle. It is very fibrous and I don’t eat it. But it is always cut out as a whole. So I remove it to reduce the weight to carry back. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:50 pm #

I believe the 10 deer story is true. On the 3rd deer it was a bit duller but still very sharp. It goes duller very slowly and seems like a very hard and tough steel. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:32 pm #

Thanks! It’s very fine now.

virtuovice @ 1:46 pm #

It’s a very simple Taras Boulba brand one. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:27 pm #

I have never done it. We have little culture to use the game skin or fur here. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:38 pm #

The DiamondBlade D2 edge goes dull very slowly. As a very sharp level it will hold for 5 deer or more. As a usable level it will hold for 15 deer or more I guess. On the next stag it was a bit duller. Anyhow it is a pretty hard and tough steel. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:58 pm #

Generally stag has a smaller white portion on its butt than doe. And the fur color of stag is darker than doe. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 3:56 pm #

I have 2 pieces of Winchester 70. This one is for the mountain hunting. It has heavier trigger pull to fire wearing a glove. The one which I changed the stock for is for the pasture hunting. It has very light trigger pull for accuracy. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 4:33 pm #

Under the shoulder blade the back muscles are tightly connected to the neck muscles which are very fibrous. So I always get rid of the neck muscles after getting the straps to reduce the weight to carry back. Formerly I got 3 muscles from a single rear leg. They were the front thigh, the hip, and the inner thigh. But only the inner thigh has no fibrous tissue in it. So I recently get only the inner thigh selectively from a rear leg. Thanks.

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