Deer hunting knives #24-1 / cKc Hunter, Fallkniven TK2, & BR Bravo1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #24-1 / cKc Hunter, Fallkniven TK2, & BR Bravo1

November 22, 2012

virtuovice @ 4:07 am #

I get Shika deer in Japan. Their antlers have good racks forward to hang something. I always make wall trophies or tabletop ones. Good ones go to my friends? or somewhere, and the ones which have good memories remain at my place. Thank you!

Tim Jackson @ 4:09 am #

What kind of deer are you harvesting. Good tender meat is a beautiful thing. Do you make trophies from? all of the stags you take or do you use the horns for other projects as well?

virtuovice @ 4:44 am #

I get 40 deer a year in average. So I harvest only? back straps and inner thighs. In mountains it is very good for reducing the load to bring back. They go very soft and tasty after aging for 10 days in cold and dry place. I hang them in my garage in winter. 1/5 of all meat is mine and 4/5 goes to my friends. Thank you!

Tim Jackson @ 5:22 am #

You can? tell that you know your way around the anatomy of a deer. Not your first bar-b-que for sure…very impressive to watch how you cut with no hesitation. Do you try to harvest all of the meat or just the backstops and thighs?

knivesandstuff @ 6:15 am #

Haha.. your deer are like NZ Possum.. just? waiting to be culled.

virtuovice @ 6:56 am #

Just for meat, 30 deer are ridiculous. I am a true stag hunter. My greed for the stag is true. I neglect doe and reach the stag. I need a big stag with a memory in which I pay much effort and contact it for long. I mean for example tracking the blood and giving it the final shot, or presuming its intention and going far forward to shoot it. When I missed a big stag, I go? there again and again. BTW there live 600 thousand deer. Thank you!

knivesandstuff @ 7:25 am #

30 Allready? wow you are moving fast.. How many wild deer do you think there are in Japan? now for culling? Love the outdoor videos Wako.

virtuovice @ 7:58 am #

Thank you for watching many of my videos. What you say is very correct. Its A2 steel is hard and tough, and pretty rust resistant. Its edge geometry is sharp and strong. Its blade length is very good for energy transfer and precision. Its handle has good traction and comfortable. It’s not a mini Bravo1. It stands by itself as a perfect hunting knife, and maybe for various purposes. In my opinion the ramp should be removed. It’s? a free service. Next chance I will compare it to Fox River.

Carl Turner @ 8:33 am #

From my viewing of your various videos, the one knife that stood out best for me was the Gunny. It? seemed like it made easy work of the deer dressing. That’s just how it looked to me, anyway.

mindsmirror @ 8:48 am #

I wonder if the furs could be used for something. I guess it would be a lot of work to try to get it off in a usable piece and take it back, but it might be interesting to save a whole fur sometime for a floor? mat or something.

virtuovice @ 9:47 am #

I have never owned the classic remakes of Marble knives. I basically don’t like a crescent shape skinning blade. I have ever often met that kind of Marbles knives. If I meet a good? one, I will try it. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 9:50 am #

This season I’ve already got about 30 deers. My family have consumed 3 deer of fresh meat and frozen 2 deer too. So I? have given 25 deer to my friends and coworkers. It’s kind of difficult to cook it properly and common people prefer pork or beef selling at stores. I myself have taught them how to cook it tasty, but a few people, maybe 4 people around me really enjoy my venison. I have never used the skin, and I always make antler trophies by myself for wall and tabletop. Thank you!

nephildevil @ 10:29 am #

that tk2 seems like some kind of super wonder F1 that is good at? everything :D

MyNameIsChrisR @ 10:42 am #

Have you ever reviewed the classic remakes of the Marble knives? I’m talking about the ones made in Gladstone MI, not those made under that name since then. Back then, they were made under the control of the man who? now runs Bark River Knives. Thank you.

Stefan Wolf @ 11:10 am #

new knife – that will? be interesting :)

nehpyh @ 11:42 am #


How much of the meat do you consume/how much is given away?

And what do you do? with the horns and skin?

mindsmirror @ 12:07 pm #

YES!!! cKc Hunter videos!!!!

Watching now. I hope it performs? superbly! :)

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