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Comments on Kershaw Skyline Review

November 5, 2012

bobTom37 @ 3:49 am #

got mine same way but it was only $5 off, paid $30. no date on mine either, got it a few weeks ago.

MegaDyneSystemsExe @ 3:55 am #

I got ya beat… just bought mine for 15 bucks today at wally world. It was 50% off all the red tagged knives and they told me it was because they were adding new knives and getting rid of the old selection… but they told you that 11 months ago, so I guess they’re taking there own sweet time or something.

One question: Did yours come with a manufacturing date on the clip side of the blade near the handle? Mine didn’t….

1985omegazero @ 4:38 am #

I was reading some written reviews on this knife and learned a trick to opening it with the flipper with out flicking it you place you finger on the very edge of the flipper and when you do make sure you have it close to the nail but with a little skin left and flip it this took a minute of practice and it works and great review by the way.

theUnholySquire @ 5:25 am #

great review. ive been thinking about getting one for a while now.

Spydermade64 @ 5:42 am #

“loke” damnit i ment love

Spydermade64 @ 6:32 am #

just bought one yesterday for 25 bucks at wally world and i loke it. i think they’re on sale because they are putting different knives in the case and trying to get rid of the old selection, wish they would cary some spyderco’s and benchmades. lol

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