Deer hunting knives #79 / cKc Thrive & Fallkniven F1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #79 / cKc Thrive & Fallkniven F1

October 25, 2012

GiedriusT1 @ 4:29 am #

Thank You for response. If it is a normal behavior of hunter in north Japan then I could understand you. Anyhow, the abundance of deer’s and trout’s show us the right attitude to the safety of nature. Hunting is not a worst thing for wild place. Good luck!

virtuovice @ 5:19 am #

Yes. I left it in the forest. It is practically impossible for me to carry the whole body to my car and we are not obliged to do it. It means nothing here. Crows consume it within a day. Our hunting culture and environment seem very different from yours. Thanks.

knivesandstuff @ 5:21 am #

using your job to prove your integrity is foolish. I have watched wako cut o a ceramic plate, and then later say my knife isn’t sharp. I’ve watched him misuse, and then say the performance is poor. I’ve watched him love some of my knives and say they excell. I’ve watched him say they dont work as good as some. He owns and uses them. he has a fair right to comment, even when I think he is wrong, as does your friend. you grow the balls and backup your words with facts.

knivesandstuff @ 6:07 am #

I’ve ublocked you so that you can reply to me directly. I do think you are full of it. I think you are acting spiteful because I blocked you. Now you can PM me with specific details, or stop trolling. If an actual owner/user of my knife tells me, or the world that my knife was crap (as you suggested) I’ll take it as easily as a glass of beer.
have your very good friend contact me for a refund if the knife was shit. there is no integrity in muttering hearsay

wufwufwufwuf @ 6:25 am #

I am a farmer not a lawyer i have to prove nothing to you, if anyone says something bad criticising any of my livestock i don’t ask them to prove it more so id ask what was the problem & try & rectifier if needed
loyalty integrity & honesty this is what we have in the farming community so if a very good friend tells me your knife works like crap i tend to believe it
grow some balls & take criticism everything you make is no perfect & please don’t bother me again if thats not to much to ask

GiedriusT1 @ 7:20 am #

What will be with the rest meat? Leaved in the forest!

wufwufwufwuf @ 7:48 am #

could i apologies as the comment was not directed at you
take care

wufwufwufwuf @ 8:17 am #

i have never Owen a cKc knife , i have seen one ,never use one ,a good friend has & i take is word why on earth do i need to prove thus ? is this the shit you get for daring to criticise 1 knife of 1 maker
WOW ! i must remember to lie ckc could not have possibly made a bad knife dose that make you all feel better,grow up

handsomewood1 @ 8:32 am #

you ARE a troll and completely FULL OF SCHIT. You’ve never owned a CKC made knife. The TOTAL lack of proof you provide shows that. Phuck off ,troll.

knivesandstuff @ 9:28 am #

What experience have you had with my knives? I dont recall selling you one.. but perhaps you bought one without me knowing who you were. I am also still waiting for a PM mentioning the forum where someone has critisized my knives without mentioning it to me.

knivesandstuff @ 10:09 am #

its not “fair enough” JC. wuf wuf has ignored 2 or 3 request by people including me to provide a link to these forums saying my knives dont work well, but looking lovely. he replied to you, but none of us. I have never sold wuf wuf a knife to my knowledge so I’m not sure what experience he is referring to at all, and he seems to not be inclined to provide that information. good news is rarely reported, but bad news travels fast and I’ve yet to hear any.

madhatterjc1 @ 11:05 am #

Fair enough. I for one have never heard anything bad about them. Sometimes, as in Wako’s experience, its not the correct blade for the job. But knifes are just tools, so it up to the individual to use the right tool for the job.

MrCatissimo @ 11:23 am #

Пидарас блядь,только расковырял оленя,шкуру попортил,взял кусочик мяса и ушел.Ебаннае пиндосры недорезанные.

yloiron @ 12:15 pm #

cKc knife is high on my list to own . Times are tuff right now but hope to get one in the future. Every review I have ever seen on them has been great.

wufwufwufwuf @ 1:10 pm #

no not troll this of course just my opinion & experience yours could be much different but i can only say as i find what ever the company big or small

knivesandstuff @ 1:17 pm #

if serious, I’m pretty certain someone would have shown me these reviews. I’ve also never heard of ckc knives being called “looking lovely” seeing as 99.9% of my blades have a working finish on them

virtuovice @ 1:53 pm #

I have never thought of what you say. But surely I am cutting backward along with twisting to use the longline of the edge. Thank you!

MrOnion2001 @ 1:55 pm #

nice video again! I love the beautiful scenery.
I haven’t noticed your cutting method exactly so far. Are you only twisting your hand or are you cutting a bit backwards, too to use the “longline” of the edge?

gravediggermax @ 2:46 pm #

No 79 hunt was yet another good one.
knives looked good.
good luck on No 80…we wait
see ya

madhatterjc1 @ 3:13 pm #

troll or serious?

knivesandstuff @ 3:24 pm #

Great video Wako. I will say that you are correct on the belly line in this occasion. the Thrive is more like the Fallkniven H1 in belly curvature. its a more all purpose slicing tool. I honestly think that the F1 may coincidentally suit the deer backstraps, remember that a lot of hunters are dismembering the entire animal, and also not just deer, but moose, rabbit, fox,squirrel. and all sorts with a variety of bone structure. People should note that your good opinion is based on your needs.

traderjoes @ 3:59 pm #

Great scenery and images of nature Wako!
I keep thinking about all of these exhausting tests and I wonder, 100 years ago people had only limited access to fine quality cutlery and had to make do with what they had. Often, a person would adapt his technique around his available tools and would master the art of butchering the animal around whatever shape the tool was.

knivesandstuff @ 4:15 pm #

@wufwufwufwuf @wufwufwufwuf I would love for you to PM me specifically where you saw that. I have hundreds of knives out there. I have a large amount of personal references from owners who also own the “best” crap out there and my knives generally do better or equal for less money. so which forum, and where? I’d love to see the review.

MikeSoonster @ 4:30 pm #

Thank you for another excellent video. It’s a great comparison indeed, between the F1 and Thrive. My outlook for knives have been greatly influenced by you, with me getting the F1 and BR based on your recommendations. Guess I have to get the Thrive as well…. Great finish on the Thrive, really loving the shine on the blade. 

havoc6g @ 4:48 pm #

I can see how disappointed you are with the ckc, I will take that beautiful blade anytime

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