Deer hunting knives #15 / Kershaw Echo & Spyderco Bill Moran (retrial)


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #15 / Kershaw Echo & Spyderco Bill Moran (retrial)

October 11, 2012

mikethenascarfan @ 3:38 am #

wako, wtf man, either you have to have better shots or you have to use more ammo. kill it first, then harvest. That’s really messed up.

soxxpuppet @ 3:55 am #

I havent gutted a deer with my bill moran drop point but i truely love Everything about it!

MrSkater243 @ 4:25 am #

No I feel like you should have fired one more shot. Where are your morals.

virtuovice @ 5:19 am #

Just you feel sick. That was a pretty good job for us.

MrSkater243 @ 6:17 am #

What’s wrong with you? you should have finished the job with that deer. That’s sick.

EwFreDDe @ 6:25 am #

nice video! jsut got myself a Bill Morain FB01. fun to see how hunting goes on in japan, i have never seen anyone field slaughter a deer before. we usually gut em in the field and slaughter them in a special slaughter house to get everything from the moose.i got 2 mooses this year wich im happy about, and next year will be interresting to see how my spyderco bill moran will handle =)

virtuovice @ 7:20 am #

The Buck Vanguard is a great knife except it is made of 420HC. This great knife should have a better steel in my opinion. It will go dull during a single deer. The Buck company loves 420HC very much for some reason. That is the reason why I don’t like Buck knives very much. BTW I recently know New Graham Knives is offering BladeTech Pro Hunter Fixed Blade for 90 dollars. It is S30V. Hopefully it can be your candidate. Thank you!

vjanda1 @ 7:39 am #

Thanks for the feedback! My mistake, I meant to say Buck Vanguard which I think you said was your first hunting knife. I’m sure it has a special place in your impressive knife collection :)

virtuovice @ 8:15 am #

Thank you! I have never owned Buck Vantage. But from the web I can see it’s great. If I get it, it will be S30V. The edge durability is far beyond 420HC. The 420HC will go dull very soon in the field deer dressing. I have enough experience on that. The RAT1 has a great blade shape. I love it. But I don’t like AUS8 very much. It is a soft steel IMO. The Mora’s Scandi edge can go extraordinarily sharp with compound loaded leather stropping. I know its Sandvic 12C27 stays sharp long.

vjanda1 @ 9:00 am #

You’re very lucky to take 50 deer in a season :)
I wish I was your hunting partner.
I see you’ve reviewed some cheaper knives (< $50) which proved themselves well in the field as skinners.
Which of the following would you rate the best?
Buck vantage, Ontario Rat 1 folder, Mora Bushmaster Force?
Thanks !

virtuovice @ 9:26 am #

Recently I admire Scandinavian knives. They are relatively affordable and have high performance in actual deer processing. Their carbon steel is great.
My recommendation as the most affordable and quality knife is Mora Bushcraft 2080. I don’t have it but I have a Mora Bushcraft Force made of stainless steel, which worked fairly well in actual deer processing. Heinnie Haynes will give you a good service on Scandinavian knives. Thank you!

AjiraKimberly @ 9:53 am #

Mmmm, that lunch looks delicious! I’m jealous :)

liebre4x4 @ 10:21 am #

i love your videos! this is better than discovery channel.there is hunting, knives at work, japan culture, different hunting experience, and much more. best of all is that all that i see is real and not a television production.
can you review some buck knives in action, speciallly the 119 special, its a clasic knife.
thank you.

Freedom100fan @ 11:12 am #

What about sending the Kershaw Echo for Cryo-Processing? The handles are easily removed by just unbolting. It would be an excellent test to see if the low performing and inexpensive 8CR13MOV can be made much better. The steel is not holding an edge so the Cryo-Processing could solve it.

virtuovice @ 11:16 am #

I think many SOG knives are made of AUS-8 steel. In my experience of SOG Seal Pup Elite, Its edge takes micro rolls and micro chips relatively easily in contacting bones harshly. Of course not so badly as 8cr13mov. I have had SOG Flash2 for daily use, mainly opening packages for over a year. And It stays as sharp as out of the box. So I think AUS-8 steel is good for light jobs. I am guessing it’s a kind of soft steels. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 11:23 am #

@kingcamo123 We must use low power guns here, so the encounter with a good target is often very close and sudden. So it’s very rare for me to take a good shot video. Thanks!

ndawgtkd @ 11:45 am #

That is so nice compared to the dirty ones we have in the US, we call them Rest Stops here, btw.

DOUBLEHILT @ 12:36 pm #

you dont see it very often but even though the deer was dead his heart was still beating.awsome video.

epidemicz @ 1:12 pm #

you are quickly becoming my favorite person ever, haha. awesome videos keep them coming. I would suggest, maybe putting more tags in the video & a description and maybe you can get more viewers.

traderjoes @ 2:07 pm #

That deer call makes my dog go bananas! Hahaha. I love those bathroom stalls! Nice and private!

MrSchpankme @ 2:51 pm #

Car Trippers = Travelers.
Kindest regards.

xbassmaster69x @ 2:53 pm #

Wish public restrooms in the U.S were that nice lol i would have to edit things out if i took footage of the public restroom toilets

meswamp @ 3:05 pm #

awesome! no comments… :)

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