Little Fun Knife from Italy: Maserin Dolphin


The Italian cutlery company Maserin is based in the city of Maniago, which is the center of Italy’s cutlery industry. Maserin offers a wide variety of knife designs, ranging from tactical folding knives over rugged outdoor and hunting knives to very elegant pocket knives. Maserin Website

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Comments on Little Fun Knife from Italy: Maserin Dolphin

October 24, 2012

TheKaza0 @ 3:45 am #

many thanks – very informative?

kenshinbattousai374 @ 4:16 am #

The Kershaw Centofante, as most Kershaw knives does? not actually have thumbstuds. Those are actually bladestops.

juki0h @ 4:41 am #

i made a small compact homemade knife using a butter knife. basically but it in half on both ends, then sharpened the blade part, its perfect! save yourself 39? bucks

TheKnifeCollecter @ 5:30 am #

I would buy this knife if it didn’t have such a high price tag. $65 for this knife on Amazon! Maybe I can find it somewhere else. By the way, great review!? (as usual)

Phitalian @ 5:57 am #

@stschmalhaus That’s? a pretty stupid law :(

Stefan Schmalhaus @ 6:31 am #

No, it’s? not.

Phitalian @ 7:25 am #

Is that one legal to carry because I know you guys have? that one 42 law but this one is really tiny?

Stefan Schmalhaus @ 7:51 am #

48? EUR

Stefan Schmalhaus @ 7:51 am #

39.95 GBP?

ivageivage @ 7:52 am #

how much? is that one? love it

TonicLime1 @ 8:05 am #

Super Cool! I would love to see a? review on the 433DE Turtle knife! I will have to search for this knife!

550ParacordGuy @ 9:00 am #

there are tons? of uses for an edc knife: opening a box, cutting a string off your shirt, opening a letter, slicing through thouse OBNOXIOUS blister packs everything is packaged in, cracking open a tin can (if here is ABSOLUTELY nothing else to use) , cutting the paracord to make a lanyard, like the one in this video, etc, etc, etc

dtownknives @ 9:04 am #

Good video. I like the standoffs they put on? that knife.

xXBallistic82Xx @ 9:18 am #

very? cool little knife

Stefan Schmalhaus @ 10:07 am #

heinnie (dot) com?

knifeaddiction2011 @ 10:37 am #

Where can you buy that dolphin? at.

Stefan Schmalhaus @ 11:33 am #

I still envy? you for your flawless CF Chicago. ;-)

MrJimbofox @ 11:49 am #

That’s an awesome little knife, dude. I really dig that! Thanks for? sharing. Congrats on the Chicago!!! Nice to see another guy out there with one!

TwoThousandSuns @ 12:44 pm #

Are these knives for cooking or combat? cos, in all honesty, I can’t think of any more uses for a? knife…

Great knife and video ^^

GreenDayRocks0000 @ 1:09 pm #

Also? an outstanding knife!

gavkoo @ 1:22 pm #

very cute knife. thanks for sharing stefan?

sabr686 @ 1:35 pm #

I have to find out more about this knife. I really like it. It reminds me of another one of my favorites, the Kershaw Half Ton.? Must get one!

washingadog @ 2:03 pm #

That’s a cool little knife. I think the sphere pillars are unique.?

thomassmyth65 @ 2:35 pm #

very nice, thanks for sharing! love the blue handle? scales

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