EMERSON KNIVES CQC-12 Comrade Military Folder…


Song: “Soviet National Anthem” by the Russian Red Army Choir Emerson Knives CQC-12… www.emersonknives.com Overall Length: 8.850 in. Blade Length: 3.90 in. Blade Thickness: .125 in. Hardness: 57-59 RC Lock: .125 Titanium Frame Lock Weight: 4.6 Handles: Titanium and Black G-10 epoxy / glass laminate Blade: 154 CM Premium Blade Steel Finish: Black or Silver Grind: Conventional V Ground MSRP: $453.95 This is an Abrams Tank with sharp edges. The knife features a double V grind and the signature AK-47 clip. The handle has the look and feel of the original bayonet and is built for the most extreme use. We offer two versions. Both versions have a rock solid .125 inch thick integral lock. One has a top handle of .125 inch checkered G-10 and the other has a top handle of .125 inch titanium – making it one of the strongest folding knives ever produced. This knife was bred for combat and excels in any environment or theatre of operations on this planet. You will not find a tougher, stronger cutting tool than this one – The Comrade Military Folder. Ernest Emerson (Wikipedia): en.wikipedia.org Ernest R. Emerson (born March 7, 1955) is an American custom knifemaker, martial artist, and edged-weapons expert. Originally an engineer and machinist in the aerospace industry, Emerson became a knifemaker known for making decorative knives but later became better known for his combat knives, eventually founding a production company to mass-produce his designs, and popularizing a style of

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Comments on EMERSON KNIVES CQC-12 Comrade Military Folder…

October 6, 2012

VengeanceIV @ 3:56 am #

Nais choice of musics ☭

HELLZZARMY @ 4:31 am #

…you’re welcome.

yukiotakata @ 4:55 am #

i found one here in japan MSRP priced,had to get it,same year as yours 2006 and mine is numbered 0293.thanks for showing me this beauty.

eminempkr @ 5:37 am #

alright stranger.

Clineburg88 @ 5:43 am #

HELLZARMY, love your videos. I personally do not favor frame lock knives for combat. During combat dynamics, your hand can actuate the frame lock, causing the blade to close on your fingers, this has happened to me a few times (thankfully it was a dulled, training folder). I carry a Boker Jim Wagner Blade, and a Cold Steel AK-47 as primary combat blades; both are lockback designs, and have a quick deploy system, very similar to the Emerson wave technology.

Clineburg88 @ 6:30 am #

Love the work you do, Nutn! I personally have never preferred frame lock knives for combat. In the dynamics of combat, your hand can actuate the liner lock, closing the blade on your fingers, it’s actually happened to me (thankfully it was a dulled, training folder). All of my combat folders have a lockback system. I carry a Boker Jim Wagner Blade, and a Cold Steel AK-47 as primary options. Both of these knives also have a quick deploy system, like the Emerson wave technology.

HELLZZARMY @ 6:42 am #


HELLZZARMY @ 7:17 am #

…from the Emerson website. They’re partnered with Steel flame and Starlinger.

Go to the categories on the left where it say “the knives”, ‘accessories”, etc…click JEWELRY…then Steel Flame and you’re there.

HELLZZARMY @ 7:41 am #

…10-4…found the site. Awesome customs!!!

cfeder45 @ 7:58 am #

where did you get the 45 acp thumb stud? i’d like to get one for my Horseman

gruntpwnsnubz @ 8:40 am #

i love this anthem

slipknotmittchell @ 9:23 am #

congrats on 223 vids. get it rifle round yeah i know stupid. but anways badass vid. thought it waepic with the back ground music going

sniprzkitty @ 10:19 am #

damn , now I want to drink водка and chase женщин

MrM2hb @ 11:01 am #

Nice blade

FistsOfLegend1 @ 11:27 am #

Type in Ebosshoss then go to the Emerson section in the lefthand column.

Emc1683 @ 12:20 pm #

I believe he is referring to EBossHoss.

His site is his user name with com at the end.

Emc1683 @ 12:59 pm #

I believe he is referring to EBossHoss.

ebosshoss com

survivalguy11 @ 1:17 pm #

good choice of music jt

HELLZZARMY @ 1:21 pm #

…I typed in ehoss in google…is that hoss knives? No I haven’t seen it.

johniac7078 @ 1:37 pm #

i lvoe that blade

FistsOfLegend1 @ 2:05 pm #

Nice one bro! Have you seen the CRAZY custom one on the eHoss site??

clap5 @ 2:26 pm #

This song remindes me of Ivan Drago or “Go West” by the Petshop boys.

MrMAX4400 @ 3:10 pm #

I enjoyed the excellent presentation.

HELLZZARMY @ 3:50 pm #

…now you didn’t hear this from me…get your bookmaking running, your shy (loan-sharking), and inevitably your collections will follow.

So guns and knives are a given…as your operations grows employ some muscle, mercs, soldiers, etc..

Now if you want to stay stream line and be a one man operation…bodyguard work, collector, fixer, cleaner, etc…

You have to make your own move…create your own action if you want to make money…lol!

Not that I would know about this

HELLZZARMY @ 4:14 pm #

…this epic, awe inspiring, and grandiose anthem plays in your head. Your mind is the only limitation or factor for this not to be true…lol!

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