My top three Bark River hunting knives with various handles


Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife
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Gerber 22-47162 Fast Draw Spring Assisted Opening Stainless Steel Fine Edge Knife
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Duster Extreme Spring Assisted Knife
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Comments on My top three Bark River hunting knives with various handles

September 27, 2012

MrHardPressed @ 4:02 am #

you can heat up the kydex and bend the opening slightly so that the knife will slide in and yet not change the form of the shape which grasps the knife. Kydex is very workable! just heat it up

grappolidipalma @ 4:55 am #

Yes a bit pricely…

On the way…

Some days ago i saw your “crab party” video; thanx to you and your family, that was a pearl of happiness, turn my day better. Hope your knee will recover as soon possible (i got a similar injury 21 years ago but worse than your and didn’ t recovered 100%, i didn’ t know how to fix it; is not your case…).

Take care

the PD 30 (31-32) are my favorite edc but give an eye out for: ARMYTEK Predator 5 degree reflector…

virtuovice @ 5:21 am #

It was more pricey than expected. It had a longer scales which I didn’t need maybe. But anyway I will need go give it a try next season. Thanks.

grappolidipalma @ 5:54 am #

Fox River in CPM3V is out :)

virtuovice @ 6:30 am #

From KnivesShipFree. They are expected to give you the ramp removal service for free if you are in the US. The-Knife-Connection and DLT Trading are also stocking dealers. Thanks.

andyman916 @ 6:38 am #

Im having a difficult time trying to find (Rampless) Gunny to buy, Where do you buy yours?

rainmechanic @ 7:25 am #

Wow i think i fell in love with that rampless canvas micarta Bravo 1 with the green kydex sheath….

virtuovice @ 7:37 am #

It is Rampless Bravo1 in Black Ebony handle from Bark River Knife and Tool company. Thanks.

iphoneksa @ 7:57 am #

What is the black model of the knife
Thank you

virtuovice @ 8:41 am #

I like KSF Forest sheath for my 4 inch hunting knives. And I like JRE custom sheath too because they have many knives and I don’t need to send my knives to them. Please go to KnivesShipFree and JRE Industries. Thanks.

reeeci @ 9:22 am #

Where do you order your custom leather sheaths? And how much do they cost?

ScottsUtubeWorld @ 10:09 am #

Thanks, Wako. I just ordered a bottle. It should be here in a few days.

virtuovice @ 10:56 am #

I use “Tsubaki knife oil”. Tsubaki is camellia in Japanese. You can google it out. The oil comprises vegetable and mineral oils. In my experience it doesn’t add wrong smell or taste to food. It is specially made for knife care. So I don’t think it will harm a knife. Thanks.

ScottsUtubeWorld @ 11:39 am #

Hi, Wako. I believe that you mentioned that you use vegetable oil to protect your blades. Is there any concern over the vegetable oil becoming rancid in time or with the right conditions– especially when it soaks into a leather sheath? Would you recommend using mineral oil instead? Thanks.

virtuovice @ 12:18 pm #

I believe 4.5 inches is the maximum for precise cutting and energy transfer from hand to cutting point in deer dressing. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:05 pm #

I like wood handles for Bark Rivers just because they have natural beauty. Wood tend to swell taking moisture and can make a tiny step up from a tang. That swelling can lessen the adhesion of scales. MIcarta will never make it and better as a practical material. G10 is heavy but Micarta is light as wood. Liners can thicken the handle in case. But generally Bark River handle makers seem to reduce scale thickness for liners and make the same thick handle as no liner ones. Thanks.

ridnovir @ 1:11 pm #

Based on this video I bought my first BKNT Fox River knife and I love it. I got mine in black and red linen micarta. Why do you prefer wood over micarta? Also are the handles with liners thicker than the ones that do not have them?

virtuovice @ 1:15 pm #

No. I don’t recommend you to grind off the slippery finish. It makes the tang and pins dirty and you might get not to love it. Recently BRKT makes matte finish handles and I once had the one myself which was not very admirable with scratches on metal portions. I think you just don’t used to that slippery handle. Its shape itself has enough traction IMO. I left all of my synthetic BR knives and my handles are all wood now though. 3G sometimes took micro chips more than A2. Thanks.

Fadeplay2 @ 1:58 pm #

You say your best steel so far is A2, but what about 3G steel on the TK2, does it not hold its edge even longer?
I have a black canvas micarta Bravo 1 and like it very much, but the handle is a bit slippery, even in dry condition. Can you recommend a method to get rid of its slippiness without having to scratch on the pins?
Thank you!

virtuovice @ 2:18 pm #

It is the KSF(KnivesShipFree) Forest Sheath. It fits Gunny, FallknivenF1, or Fox River very well. The KnivesShipFree makes a special Forest sheath for the F1. I guess it is for the thicker custom wood handles. If you need the one, you had better ask them. Thanks.

mujarik @ 2:21 pm #

what is this sheath you use for the gunny? it dont looks like the regular one.

virtuovice @ 2:46 pm #

It’s not very slick. Wood or Micarta has a bit more friction than G10. Its handle design itself gives us good traction and ergonomics. Thanks.

MrBladeDude @ 3:44 pm #

How slick is the handle on the Gunny?

virtuovice @ 4:09 pm #

The belly of the Gameskeeper is too deep for that size of knife. It will go slow in game dressing. Bravo1 is just good. Thank you!

TheBladebuster @ 4:48 pm #

I got the Bucklite Max too – large and small. Decent knife for the price and they’re made in USA. They’re a steal.

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