Deer hunting knives #69 / Enzo Nordic & Kellam Wolverine


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #69 / Enzo Nordic & Kellam Wolverine

September 6, 2012

OtiumBorealis @ 4:08 am #

They are the materials used in the making of the steel. Google “blade steels” and read the article on :)

virtuovice @ 4:20 am #

No, I haven’t. I know it is a great blade. But I don’t have facilities to make a self made handle yet. Thanks.

hippydownhippydown @ 4:21 am #

Have you tried the Enzo Tundra – a D2 Convex blade? it is lovely

666risinghell @ 5:11 am #

WOW what a nice place for stalking animals , great vid wako!!

dandotreillydot42058 @ 5:14 am #


virtuovice @ 5:39 am #

It looks like a good drop point hunting knife. But the 3.5 inch fixed blade is a bit short for Japanese male Shika deer. From 4.0 to 4.5 inches is good. Thank you!

vikingjustice15 @ 6:06 am #

I love your knifes, I collect hunting knifes as well;)


MrTufan35 @ 6:29 am #

San i found a defination of steel T 7 MO CR:14 CB:0.70 what these numbers mean? thanks

nordichunter1 @ 7:01 am #

Enjoy your knife rewievs alot and cool hunting situations. Impressing to see how much deer you take down. I am interested in knives and wonder if you have tried any Schrade USA knives? Like the Schrade PH1? The models that are produced in USA are good. Would be cool if you did.

JorgenGeesink @ 7:05 am #

I read you like flamenco. May I recommend: Maria Carrasco – esta niña viene tarde.

virtuovice @ 8:03 am #

Kellam regular Puukko had a better handle and a better edge than Kellam Wolverine in my experience. And the regular Puukko was less expensive. Thanks.

captainpegs07 @ 8:33 am #

I like these two the most of all the knives in your videos!

virtuovice @ 9:17 am #

I have a single 440C folding knife but haven’t used it yet. But I have many 420HC Buck knives and they work fairly well. I guess 440C would be an older brother to 420HC. And if so, it would not have any problem in regular uses inclusive game dressing. AUS8, VG1 would be similar and VG10, 12C27, 154CM, S30V must be better.

virtuovice @ 10:16 am #

I believe Bark River took the Randall 25 design and made their BlackJack M125. So I understand how comfortably you use it. I love hollow grind for hunting very much. It cuts soft tissues very well. I understand you do it very thoroughly from the throat to the anus opening the thorax and the pelvis. I have never done as you do. Anyway to finish your deer you will need various knives while I just need a single 4 inch blade in the field. Wish you a happy new year!

MrTufan35 @ 10:21 am #

Hi i look forward for your videos and waiting for cooking ones also.

i will ask a question. i have Turkish BORA KNIFE and it is made of 440c you recomend this kind of steel and what is you idea about it?


buddy54ck @ 11:21 am #

Hi again,
I had the same injury 20 years ago, while working as a machinist, nasty cut, not much pain though. I didn’t have your wonderful surgery tallent, so My hand specialist sutchered up my tendon w/stainless wire and it is 100% now, that is what I thought You needed, it could still rip, and snap, I certainly hope not. I’m sure the finger works differently w/only 1/2 tendon, though,Please get a second opinion! Take care and God Bless!
Concerned Charlie

jackknife68 @ 12:20 pm #

jackknife68 @ 12:42 pm #

I got the 125 to, but do me the favour and check out the mama from the 125, the Randall #25, it’S in my opinion much better!
I made a vid testing this knive while gutting roebuck, checkout in my channel
best regards and a good new your!

virtuovice @ 1:02 pm #

The two knives you are looking at seem like the biggest kind of knives in the US. I have never thought of owning such a big knife at all. I once owned the AUS8 SRK. I now have the mini KaBar as one of my favorite hunting knives. Anyway BK9 looks like more a practical knife. And I personally don’t like the upper guard of the Bowie knife. Thanks.

campcomp00 @ 1:16 pm #

I haven’t gotten to hunt in 20 years except with a camera. I have several knives I’m looking at right now. I have the cold steel srk and mini k-bar, but looking for something bigger. What do you think of the becker bk9 or the case xx bowie?

virtuovice @ 1:38 pm #

I haven’t checked it using X-ray. But the end of the mouse tail tang is not visible on its butt. So the tang doesn’t go all the way through. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 1:48 pm #

It had a dark area and I took it as a kind of scar. The back fascia was intact and the problem region was limited in the subcutaneous tissue. Enzo Nordic is a great knife for deer dressing in my opinion. But it definitely needs a micro convex bevel for edge toughness and to slide on the rib bones well. I know the Enzo Nordic has G10 looking handle variations. They look heavier and colder in winter. They will make a new batch in various wood handles periodically. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 2:26 pm #

I have opened the thorax cutting up the chest cartilage to get the heart to eat. Once I uploaded it and YouTube gave me a penalty. And after that I haven’t put it in the video. Anyway for that purpose I need a strong convex edge knife like BlackJack M125. But in many cases in my individual deer dressing Scandi knives do very well. Not so good as convex knives though. Honestly I love genuinely Scandinavian made knives very much. It’s just my taste and hobby. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 3:00 pm #

It’s true that using some knives on the snow needs much care not to loose one in the snow. I once almost did it and searched in the snow. Sticking knives into hips is the safest way but I recently need more meat for gifts and cannot do it especially for female deer. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 3:44 pm #

I have two pieces. But they are for kitchen and utility. I think it will chip easily touching bones during deer dressing. Thanks.

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