Deer hunting knives #64 / Helle Temagami & Alden


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #64 / Helle Temagami & Alden

September 13, 2012

pythagoreios07 @ 4:23 am #

and for the bones get a short roselli axe

pythagoreios07 @ 4:53 am #

If you want a supreme edge… Try knives made of D2 tool steel… and roselli UHC hunting knives

lddtyrone @ 5:12 am #


virtuovice @ 5:21 am #

I didn’t know it. It’s very interesting that my YouTube friend Bruce aka Nebulax123 did it and they took it after him. Thank you!

BumblingBushcraft @ 5:45 am #

Have you seen the new version of the Temagami? They have made a change to the handle that you will like as they have made the cutout that you have on yours for side holding.

aholsgrove @ 6:12 am #

I bought the Temagami last week – the quality of the finish is poor. The tang and wood on the handle is not smooth. I replaced it, and the new knife was also poor. I agree – it is a bushcraft knife. Thanks for your video

wolfsergius @ 6:57 am #

mmmhhhh……..Karesuando is good knife but some Helle are superior (naturally in my opinion)…..for example Helle Odel and Helle Harding are very excellent…also if my prefers are Kellam Wolverine and Enzo Nordic 95…..and naturally iper KIMMO SORVOJA knife.Thank you.

virtuovice @ 7:22 am #

Helle carbon steel is not impressive like Karesuando carbon steel is not. It can be because the Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel is more impressive. Thank you!

wolfsergius @ 7:55 am #

great review……thanks samurai.

virtuovice @ 8:37 am #

I just get 4 muscles and a head and leave the remains there. It’s our regular way. Thanks.

jambiyaSlaughter @ 9:22 am #

Who knew Japan had so many stag. I only thought they had anime.

rifle22coach @ 9:58 am #

When we get a deer here in the states we would gut it and butcher it at home or camp and use almost all of it and use the hide. What do you do with the body?

renter6 @ 10:15 am #

Beautiful landscape, really fun video. Thank you for uploading. I’m not a hunter, but I am a foodie and it is a pleasure to watch you harvest these portions. I’m fascinated: nobody else on YouTube is in a position to test blades the way you do. While most cut paper, you fillet a deer! More doing, less talking. I like that.

virtuovice @ 11:03 am #

Maybe 50 or so. Thanks.

boboriginal @ 11:34 am #

Good to see your doing better!

mccullenj @ 12:01 pm #

Thanks for sharing. Glad to see that you seem to be healing well.

talley1013 @ 12:57 pm #

Another great video Wako. Thanks you very much.

MikeSoonster @ 1:52 pm #

I’m happy you could do this video and that your hand is recovering well.

donnya1000 @ 2:35 pm #

I am happy that you stayed one more day…I got to see another great video. Your hand looks like it is feeling much better. The hunting area seems very rural, it seems like the impression that is prevalent through the media is that Japan is heavily populated. I guess it is because most of the coverage is from big Cities…very beautiful countryside and a very enjoyable video. I like the detail about the muscle extraction.

Iseekoutthetruth @ 3:17 pm #

how many knifes do you have in your collection?

TheBladebuster @ 3:44 pm #

glad to see you up and about‚ you got me worried there for a bit.

Chassealarc @ 3:46 pm #

Great vid, Wako. I am glad your hand is better.

TheMotorick @ 4:35 pm #

I’ve enjoyed your skinning videos very much. Thanks.

Eleven sun @ 5:04 pm #

hi virtuovice~~ nice see you new video

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