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Comments on Buck Alpha Hunter Knife Review

September 18, 2012

matt scholl @ 4:36 am #

i just got one all i? can say is wow!!

wwwknivestowncom @ 4:44 am #

Oh,sorry. The link under the vid was the wrong one. I changed? it. Just click on the new link and it will take you straight to the product page where you can buy this exact knife. Thanks for the heads up.

nalgarin2006 @ 5:35 am #

thanks for replying i appreciate it,but i was talking about getting the alpha hunter.? is that still available like the one in this video.?

wwwknivestowncom @ 5:51 am #

Unfortunately the folding Kalinga is no longer being made. This is another good example of a great knife that inexplicably gets discontinued. The list of such is very long and the lesson is reinforced once again. Just because a knife is great, don’t think that means it? will always be available. When you find a great knife, pounce on it and do not delay. Those who hesitate wind up kicking themselves for their inaction.

nalgarin2006 @ 6:47 am #

i want to buy this knife from knivestown but i was wondering if the one i? order will be exactly like this one. an answer would be greatly appreciated

MikeReyes1985 @ 7:36 am #

i have the alhpa folder in? black and alpha avid mini hunter fixed in wood. I think I picked the right combo.

conall mclean @ 8:00 am #

what knife do you reccomend. buck alpha hunter fixed ,buck alpha hunter folded or? bear grylls ultimate survival knife. pls reply soon

coolchamber1 @ 8:55 am #

@arami62 do yourself a favour and buy? the Buck. It’s more expensive but I’ve got both and I can tell you the Buck is worth the extra cash

arami62 @ 9:02 am #

I’m in two heads between this model and the Marttiini? MFK-3W. What do you guys say?

Hacker7763 @ 9:30 am #

fixed or folder?? which would you buy

Benesfort @ 10:19 am #

Great review, I just bought this exact knife for hunting this fall and I LOVE it. I have had the lighter plastic handled? Spyderco’s and other folders. This is by far my favorite folder for hunting. This thing just ooozes quality and heft and I would take that any day over light dinky plastic handled knives. Great job Buck and do not change a thing with this knife!!!

manhattenhero @ 10:32 am #

why would I carry it in my? pocket? If i’d use the leather sheath it would be pretty obvious for people to guess that I carrying this gorgeous peace of craftsmanship.
some say its to heavy, but thats just what some say. I mean it is heavier then your average knife but you can still carry it in your pocket, no Problem!

manhattenhero @ 10:54 am #

get de rosewood is a better quality steel. the rubber scaled one has a lesser? quality steel 420 hc. savvy? and the rosewood looks so much better:D

Supermassively @ 11:30 am #

Can’t? decide between the rosewood or rubber scales.

neonightkiller @ 12:26 pm #

Great knife!? Great review Bob, thanx

maltieskitten @ 1:17 pm #

i love 154, its a bitch to sharpen with tungsten though.?

EnduringEagle @ 1:39 pm #

This looks like a really nice knife and another great presentation. I see that there is an Alpha Hunter in fixed blade as well. What would be your opinion as to? why one would move to a folder or the fixed blade version. Thanks..

someting29 @ 2:38 pm #

nice video?

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