Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife Review


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Comments on Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife Review

September 30, 2012

wwwknivestowncom @ 3:45 am #

I guess it depends on your boots, but this is not a knife typically carried that way. Boot knives usually have a slim, straight, dagger type build. Often the sheath has a clip allowing it to be clipped on the inside of a boot. Some people wear folding knives in the boot using the pocket clip. I have never seen anyone wear a knife like this in a boot.

ReconMon @ 3:47 am #

Would this be too big for a boot knife?

wwwknivestowncom @ 3:48 am #

If it was me I would use a clamp system like Lansky or Blademanster. There is a flat spot near the spine which can be clamped to, and the hone would do great work.

omgwtfkekelol @ 3:58 am #

How would you sharpen this if it ever needs it?

SuperApurdy @ 4:01 am #

Buck did a great job with this knife

RoboTyphoon1403 @ 4:15 am #

Great knife, great review! Buying one from KnivesTown sometime this week!

JoeRitrovato @ 5:09 am #

I bought a Buck 120 General (the 119 Special big Brother) in 1970 when I was in high School. I carried in the Army for (4) Four years. I have used it camping hunting fishing ever year since.
Joe R

sheldonman14 @ 5:25 am #

This knife was used in the Scream movies.

wwwknivestowncom @ 5:32 am #

Thats not exactly the balance they were after. There are better throwing knives out there than this one.

KPRhino123 @ 5:44 am #

is it possible to throw with this knife

Miainferno @ 5:46 am #

I’ve got the Black version and recently got the Cherrywood handle version, and I love them both. I use them for camp chores and they have NEVER let me down. Beautiful knives.

Cheehooo24 @ 6:37 am #

My 119’s blade is f-ed up from all the abuse I put it through. But, that’s the idea, it survived all the abuse I’ve put it through :D

95Waldgeist @ 7:32 am #

God that thing is beautiful, I wouldn’t even wanna use it!

VCmonte2001 @ 7:37 am #

i have one of these there indestructable iv’e had it for 10 years used it for fishin huntin and general use buck still stands for quality when they where founded til now they still make amazing knives!

mattc1683 @ 8:06 am #

I like the black handle better

NeedWarForPeace @ 8:16 am #

a buddy randomly gave me one of these…never thought it was actually worth something

unphazed123 @ 8:31 am #

lol 5:15 he said ”jamaica”

mpssucks5hit @ 8:33 am #

My dad just got me this knife from America but with the black handle. really beautiful knife. hopefully i can use it soon. :)

Cheehooo24 @ 8:48 am #

My go to fixed blade knife. I don’t hunt though. This is my utilty/survival knife.

druisteen2 @ 8:55 am #

nice bowie

cyclist01222 @ 9:30 am #

Lovely… just lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Shark0828 @ 9:37 am #

No i never watched lost but i might start watching it soon

TheVinnyDshow @ 9:41 am #

are you a fan of lost the show? because both of those knives are used in lost and i was going to ask the same question for that reason

ViperOrtonRKO @ 9:57 am #

wOW Its Beaut

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