Deer hunting knives #77 / Benchmade Lone Wolf Hunter & Fox River


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #77 / Benchmade Lone Wolf Hunter & Fox River

August 30, 2012

built2bass1 @ 4:00 am #

S30V is not a good option for a hunting knife, as it tends to be brittle and thus will chip when dug hard against bone. That is the trade off and is why the initial shapness of S30V is so high. Depending on a persons needs, the best steels for hunting knives are D2, 440C, N680, 154CM are all good choices for hunting knives.

built2bass1 @ 4:56 am #

Bohler N680 is absolutely not lower quality than AUS8 or 420HC. There are many scientific and practical examintions that prove this. It is important that appropriate evaluations are conveyed, as this sort of thing affects peoples buying decisions and they will end up making an uninformed decision based on this recomendation. See the review in Elk Hunter magazine if you want the real scoop.

built2bass1 @ 5:38 am #

You are comparign a $200+ (retail) knife to one that is $75.00. This does not mean that one sucks and one is the greatest ever.  You are comparing apples to oranges here. You should put that into context.

Freedom100fan @ 5:42 am #

You answered many questions I had about this knife from actual field use. On paper this knife looked like a contender. The brand is focused on hunting so I agree it is confusing.

virtuovice @ 6:31 am #

Bark River 3V is an awesome steel. It takes micro micro chippings but the edge keeps scary sharp even with them. And they are restored very easily because their size is extremely tiny like only the microscope can detect them. It’s a fabulous steel and I like it very much. But when it comes to its necessity, I must say it’s far over my necessity. A2 is okay for me. But I believe I will continue to get 3V Barkies because its sharpness is extremely comfortable. Thanks.

donabb01 @ 7:24 am #

unnecessarily fabulous? Not shure what you mean there…….Can a steel be too good?

Thebattousay @ 7:57 am #

I always feel that you do the dressing and backstrap getting much more respectfuly than your friends! thanks for the videos!

spundj @ 7:58 am #

as always,great video,just curious,do you carry a first aid kit. i would love to see a physicians first aid kit.maybe you could show it on a video,thanks

madhatterjc1 @ 8:09 am #

Its hard to tell if all these vids show an average HT/Temper vs a great one OR a good steel vs an average steel. Sometimes it may be a little of both… But its nice to see real world comparisons, thanks Wako!

TimD9804 @ 9:01 am #

Fox River, old reliable. Almost seems unfair to compare The Benchmade to it. “ N680 Sucks! ” Almost pissed my pants.

bustfer07 @ 9:28 am #

you should do a video on your guns and rifles.

virtuovice @ 9:55 am #

The micro micro chipping taking place on the 3V were not visible in bare eyes and easy to restore with Bark River black compound loaded leather. Many people will use it without noticing it. It stayed sharp like new until 8 deer. A2 and S30V will hold until 3 deer. I always carry 2 knives on my belt. I often get a couple of deer a day. If the knives on the belt were Bark River A2 or BladeTech S30V, I will be very happy. 3V is unnecessarily fabulous for me. Thanks. 

knivesandstuff @ 9:55 am #

perhaps its a rabbit hunter. you can get at least 4 rabbits :D

ikonik69 @ 9:58 am #

Wakoo so far with your research what blade steel is a one tool option or choice. s30v, cpm 3v or gud old carbon steel A2 ? thanks for the vid

Spec0psGrunt @ 10:36 am #

I’m hungry. It’s been awhile since I had any wild game

virtuovice @ 10:46 am #

At last the Benchmade Lone Wolf Hunter needed me substantially more power to cut skin than Fox River. It must have been partially from its wrong handle. As a proof it cut paper decently against my expectation. I said too much. More correctly speaking the Bohler N680 steel seemed to have a bit lower quality than AUS8 or 420HC. I thought it would not hold until the end of a single stag by itself. Thanks.

mikedifeo @ 11:05 am #

I am glad you did this video. I was thinking of buying the Benchmade knife insted of hte Buck 192. But now I will buy the Buck 192 instead of the Benchmade. Thank You.

hatesprayers @ 11:57 am #

idk that fox river just looks sexy not sure y

steveo6891 @ 12:41 pm #

@captainpegs07 I agree! Wako is quite awesome. I’ve learned so much about the characteristics of different steels from watching his videos!

gravediggermax @ 1:13 pm #

Ah – no. 77 – good, I like it – - fox river – I like it also – good luck on no. 78 – we wait.

tyronebiggums3 @ 2:04 pm #

Your friend was getting fur all over the place. Slow down, fold it back.

captainpegs07 @ 2:42 pm #

He’ll learn quick if he keeps the same company!

Dtac25 @ 3:35 pm #

Sweet! Great review.

Very good hunt aswell

steveo6891 @ 3:39 pm #

Your friend is no where near as skilled as you in deer dressing lol

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