Deer hunting knives #50 / Enzo Nordic 95 and Fallkniven F1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #50 / Enzo Nordic 95 and Fallkniven F1

August 23, 2012

virtuovice @ 4:20 am #

The Handy Hunter looks very similar as you say. But I feel like the 125 is more comfortable for me. Thanks.

miwhitetailhunt @ 4:31 am #

@virtuovice sorry about the typo I meant the black jack 125

Tanrichguy @ 4:57 am #

Your friend has obviously been hunting a long time as evidenced by the way he collected the different muscles. Good video. Thumbs up!

MrLorenzotrigueros @ 5:08 am #

when are you going to do more of your cooking vids

MrJoeyBoombotz @ 5:19 am #

As always, your videos bring much enjoyment. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and sharing your experiences.

mccullenj @ 5:41 am #

I would not want to get in the way of your friend dressing the stag. He was all business. Beautiful country.

traderjoes @ 6:24 am #

Wow, the first guy had none of your delicate skills Wako! He was hitting bone too hard and quick compared to you.

rhenn70 @ 6:57 am #

I am trying to decide between a custom f1 or a gunny. I want it for a all purpose knife (hunting, bushcraft, ect.). If you could only have one, what one would you choose. Great videos keep them coming.

Mortaxe @ 7:07 am #

Hi Virtuovice, I have a question regarding your processing of deers. When you are removing the thigh muscles from the pelvic area of the deer do you wash the deer first? I ask because I think it is possible that the deer may urinate itself before expiring and seems like it may contaminate the meat. Is that a worry or is it negligible? Thank you for your time.

DBrownofdc @ 7:19 am #

what do you use the ears for?

Thecarotidpulse @ 7:40 am #

that guy at the start is not very good at processing the carcass! he is a bit careless (especially compared to your skills wako!)

MPSecare @ 8:06 am #

mmm im about to have a bacon cheeseburger.
look at that slab of meat…. to the grill sir!
sinew, awesome!

miwhitetailhunt @ 8:56 am #

Hello Wako, Im a big fan and have been watching your videos for the past month and decided to join YouTube because of your great videos. I bought a Black Jack 175 Heavy Hunter and am yet to try it on a white tail. Just wondering if you have seen the Bark River Handy Hunter, it looks like a Black Jack 175 but with the bark river name on it. If you get a chance to review it, it would be interesting to see how well it would perform against the Black Jack. Thanks and good luck hunting.

stefanwolf88 @ 9:09 am #

Very fast work. Good performance of custom F1 (I sold mine – not so dependable in wild hog field dressing) – Chears!

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