Deer hunting knives #26 / Karesuand Elk, Kellam Puukko, & RAT Izula


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #26 / Karesuand Elk, Kellam Puukko, & RAT Izula

August 16, 2012

virtuovice @ 4:02 am #

I got 82 deer this season. 48 stags and 34 does. What I need from a deer is back straps, inner thighs, outer? hips, in total 6 muscles which weigh 20 pounds from a big stag and 10 pounds from a doe. So, I got 1,300 pounds of venison this season. All were consumed by my family, friends, and coworkers. It’s our regular way. Thanks.

espressosoup @ 4:42 am #

I have noticed in your skinning videos that you only take the back meat and? heads of the animals. I hate to think that you just waste the rest of the animal. Do you just leave it there?

newtubetubetube @ 5:08 am #

said “i like to carry 2 cell? phones from different companies when out in the? woods in winter”
If you got cell phone reception in the woods you are not really in the woods.

Urudrim @ 5:23 am #

duh! i was looked through the playlist, turns out it was someone else’s playlist! misplaced comment, sorry.


virtuovice @ 6:03 am #

I sharpened it with the Edge Pro and put a? micro convex edge on it. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 6:25 am #

I have only a shot? gun license. For the initial 10 years we cannot have a rifle. So the gun shop changes a barrel of Winchester model 70 rifle to .410 caliber smooth bore for us. It’s from Japanese gun regulation. And I don’t use a sabot but a 200 grain copper bullet and a metal shell with a high amount of fast burning powder. Thank you!

hapelliotte @ 6:32 am #

i like to carry 2 cell phones from different companies when out in the woods in winter?

hapelliotte @ 6:43 am #

another wonderful video? :)

knivesandstuff @ 6:49 am #

haha.. I hope it didn’t hurt too much to clean the knife :) But I do agree with you that if its dark or harsh weather you should consider your? time more than the knife :) Great video

mindsmirror @ 7:12 am #

Wako’s hunting? vids are the best around, period.

mindsmirror @ 7:24 am #

He has a TON of videos on storing, preparing and? cooking deer meat….

ctnnpt @ 7:34 am #

Another great video and beautiful scenery. That ocean view was amazing. Too bad about the broken? antler but I know you’ll enjoy those backstraps.

traderjoes @ 7:42 am #

Very good video Wako! I have an Izula as well, I really like it. soon they will have a larger version I hear. And a folder as well. What kind of edge did you put on the Izula? I? convexed mine.

Urudrim @ 8:31 am #

thanks for you on-the-job knife reviews and cleaning the kill. you have to make us a video on how you prepare? the meat :)

lukeeson @ 9:24 am #

Thanks for another great video! It was interesting to see what you brought with? you on this hunting trip as well.

sae1095hc @ 9:35 am #

Because you hunt alone so much, perhaps you should consider? buying a Spot II GPS Messenger so you could signal for help in an emergency, they’re pretty inexpensive.

frips1000 @ 10:34 am #

great vid thanx!
from? sweden!

sebenzalover @ 11:21 am #

Get the izula 2 much better than the izula 1
I have both and there is a? world of difference. Thank me later :)

stefanwolf88 @ 12:20 pm #

Izula -? interesting performance ;)

shuzzbutts @ 1:00 pm #


TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 1:55 pm #

I seem to remember from another video that? the round used is a 410 gauge Sabot slug, but I could be wrong.

tikkalongrifle @ 2:33 pm #

Great shooting! what’s? the rifle and caliber you are using?

lexacor @ 3:21 pm #

I have to say i’m impressed with the Izula, it’s not really a hunting knife afterall, and it seemed to perform? admirably well for saying it is only a neck knife.

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