Deer hunting knives #25 / Karesuand Elk, Enzo Trapper, & Mora Bushcraft Force


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #25 / Karesuand Elk, Enzo Trapper, & Mora Bushcraft Force

August 2, 2012

09Abazg @ 3:37 am #

бля какой же он ишак!!!

09Abazg @ 3:43 am #

где этот ишак разделывать учился???…пиздец какой варвар

aseglkj @ 4:06 am #

wow, that’s fucking wasteful.

hapelliotte @ 4:18 am #

thanks so much for your useful information

it’ll help us make our decision :)

virtuovice @ 5:01 am #

Fallkniven TK2, Bark RIver Fox RIver, Bark River no ramp Gunny, BlackJack M-125, Fiddleback custom Recluse, Enzo Trapper, modified cKc Trailblazer, Karesuand Elk so far. I don’t have 3G F1. I don’t like the edge geometry of F1 because it’s fairly deep for survival purpose. Some of the candidates had an annoying secondary V edge from the factory, so I had to grind it off to get a good edge. Thank you!

hapelliotte @ 5:27 am #

Hi Wako, whats your favorite field dressing knives? Top 5-10?
we want to know your conclusions :)
3g F1 – do you think its in the top?

virtuovice @ 6:12 am #

During the dressing I noticed that the bullet had got into his chest and penetrated the diaphragm to the hip. The hip bleeding was the outlet. It ran down the slope without bleeding around 200 yards. The snow was shallow and I lost the fresh footmarks, so It took me some ten minutes to find it dead.

miguelbinha @ 6:27 am #

With the shot on the hip, how did he die? Did he run far from the place where you shot him? Thanks sir

knivesandstuff @ 7:13 am #

I will let you know how it cuts.. I’ll buy some chickens to cut up.. lol.. It is like a thicker version of the Sebenza Folder, which does perform well, even though hollow. My main interest is a quality knifemakers blade in S35VN so I can compare the Heat-Treatment results. You can enjoy my review without buying one.. I’ll be making my S35VN knives in a few months.

virtuovice @ 7:26 am #

I checked it out. I do think yours is much better. I don’t like hollow knives. For example BHK said their flat knives have a convex edge, but actually it was just a micro convexing on the machine made V edge. I like Scandi and full height convex edge. When I sharpen my JP Pro Hunter knife with black compound loaded leather, it went very dull. So I had to go for stone sharpening. I cannot believe in the convex edge on hollow or flat bevels at all. Thank you!

TheBladebuster @ 8:19 am #


Very much different from North America.
Easy to acquire hunting guns but has not hunt that many deers per season.
In Japan – you can hunt many deers but hunting guns are very restrictive. I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds - I would rather have a few guns but hunts lots of deers

TheBladebuster @ 8:46 am #

Hi Opinelly – I asked the same questions on his other video and his explaination was he has to trek quite a distance from the field to his car and wouldn’t be able to carry all that load and also he mentioned that other parts of the deer does not taste good. He hunts around 60 deers during each hunting season – government allows it due to overpopulation of deer in Hokkaido. The remaining carcass are consumed by crows around the area or perhaps bears and is gone the next day.

opinelly @ 9:04 am #

I notice your butchering method is very different from the typical USA style where we remove the guts and take the deer with us. Do you ever gut the deer and bring the whole animal home so you can cut it up at your leisure? Do you use the neck meat or the front legs?
Thanks for your videos

knivesandstuff @ 9:37 am #

Beautiful video wako. haha.. With all your snow and rain.. I think that Stainless may be the most ideal knives for your style. I am ordering a Chris Reeve Nyala Hunter in S35VN. its hollow Grind with Convex edge. but I think it will be a great knife. I wish it to compare with my new S35VN knives I will make. I think you will enjoy looking at that one :)

kinskibrain @ 10:27 am #

Yeah I like 12c27, I just wanted to emphasize that Mora and the Karesvand have the same steel.

liebre4x4 @ 10:35 am #

before your deer season ends i want to suggest you to buy a skyline knife from kershaw. i used it to skin several animals this year including one deer. its a folding knife and its rated as an EDC knife but it proved to me great for hunting.
thanks for the video

lexacor @ 11:07 am #

12c27 is a good steel, maybe not the best, but certainly good.

kinskibrain @ 11:29 am #

Stainless Mora is also Sandvik 12C27

stefanwolf88 @ 11:47 am #

There is some Mora laminated blades /61 HRC/ with good blade shape but it’s still - Mora – cheep knives. Good skandinavian blades are just blades for people, who makes handles…

lynette1953 @ 12:04 pm #

great video

traderjoes @ 1:00 pm #

6:48, post mortum deer shit

braxtonamour @ 1:36 pm #

Mora is great quality for the affordability

cliffandy @ 2:06 pm #

Sensei, it sounds like deer hunting in the winter snow is very fatiguing. You are truly in ’survival’ spirit. It is a lot to ask of you to both hunt and record video! Cliff.

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