Spyderco Bob Lum Tanto folding knife review


This is one of those knives that’s made just right. No fancy design, no fancy materials. It is one of those knives that you will LOVE to carry at any circumstances. The only fancy thing is the price. But it’s a sprint run and we pay some tribute to Bob Lum. length overall 8 3/4 in. (222 mm) blade length 3 7/8 in. (98 mm) blade steel VG-10 length closed 5 in. (127 mm) cutting edge 3 1/2 in. (89 mm) weight 4.3 oz. (122 g) hole diameter 15/32 in. (12 mm) blade thickness 1/8 in. (3 mm) handle material G-10

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Comments on Spyderco Bob Lum Tanto folding knife review

August 19, 2012

oromoto @ 4:08 am #

Thank? you :)

schlooonginator @ 4:46 am #

just got mine and really like it, especially the grind. It is the sharpest knife Ive ever owned. Super quality with? zero blade wiggle and a nice clack when opened. Your review is spot on.

oromoto @ 5:33 am #


CheeseyChung @ 6:07 am #

Just got the last one off of? bladehq :)

oromoto @ 6:20 am #

Me? too!

oromoto @ 6:57 am #

Liner is thin but steel is? strong so it kind of compensates. I have the second part of the video doing tip comparisons.

RDS5284 @ 7:42 am #

Nice Lum Tanto! I love tantos, clip points and tantos are my? favorite style. I really like traditional blade styles.

pietermoore @ 7:54 am #

Great knife just overpriced in my mind. Plus the liner? looks a little thin, tho I’m sure it’s fine. Blade shape is just about perfect tho very similar to the hinderer spanto.

oromoto @ 8:04 am #

Thank you for? watching bro!

samurai165 @ 9:03 am #

That’s a beautiful knife! You have very good taste? in knives my friend.

oromoto @ 9:28 am #

Aftermarket is about? that, I got it for less though.

oromoto @ 9:53 am #

Oh, thanks for he update!?

ZippoThisKnifeThat @ 10:26 am #

Such a sexy knife!
Just don’t know if I can spend ~$200 on it..
Kills me. haha

Thanks for the overview!
Have always enjoyed? this Spyderco.

jeffersontool @ 11:18 am #

I’ve discovered the best thing to clean light colored G10: Mr Clean Magic Erasers. You can buy them at the grocery store and they work GREAT. I posted a thread about it on BF and it has been a hit. It’s crazy how well it works and how easy it is.

Try them out, you’ll be very happy how well they work. I’ve made all my light sprints? look new again.

oromoto @ 11:54 am #

Don’t blame yourself, I wasn’t planning on getting this one neither. It was an impulse buy when I saw it available on the site on second round. I do not regret getting it. It is very easy to carry, long enough? to be tactical knife, slim, tip up carry and very utilitarian too. It’s just so right that you forget other knives :)

darkchild57 @ 12:20 pm #

I’m still diggin this knife man… I’m regretting missing this one! I’ll just vicariously through? your vids lol.

oromoto @ 1:02 pm #

Good luck bro!?

oromoto @ 1:38 pm #

Born in Taiwan. I always use one hand? to close it, just kind of hard to do it when filming. I am very sure you will love this one specially if you like the Spyderco’s Military. These two are just so much alike in terms of size, but it’s slimmer, thicker tip and tip up carry!!

oromoto @ 1:41 pm #

Yup,? I have been around the world :)

An0nEeMouse @ 2:12 pm #

Very nice. I’m on the lookout for the old school version of this in black G10 with ATS-55 steel! Unusually for Spyderco, it’s? hard to find one that isn’t black coated though.

cujo76 @ 2:44 pm #

lol? okay

NeptuneKnives @ 3:31 pm #

haha you’re Chinese! I hear it in the back! I got a rule I tell Mel to close the knife with the same hand & don’t use both or you make mistakes. I cut myself bad on my Terzuola the other day lol I like this knife it looks really utilitarian. I gota check this? one out some more! Great vid!

experimentjon @ 4:20 pm #

Hah, I? had been trying to figure out whether you were Chinese (from the accent) or Japanese (from the screenname) or South American (from your location.) Now I know. Haha.

oromoto @ 4:32 pm #

LOL, they were playing? ipad’s game.

oromoto @ 4:53 pm #

Good? thinking!

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