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kcoti.com Spyderco Balance folding knives available at KnifeCenter.com.

Gerber 31-000591 Freeman Guide Folding Sheath Knife
The Freeman features a3.6 in. fine edge drop point blade with dual thumb studs and includes a 4.5 in. handle with large … Click for More Info >>
Tac Force YC-634EM Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed
Tac Force Knives – Part Serrated Rescue A/O EMT Blade Etching Speedster Linerlock Knife with Orange Trim Black Coated Al… Click for More Info >>
Smith & Wesson CKTACBSD Tactical Serrated Drop Point Knife, Black
black 3.5 in. 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel blade with 4.6 in.posite handle. Includes thumb knob liner lock and inde… Click for More Info >>
Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener
ATTRIBUTES Grit: Coarse/Medium Material: Carbide Ceramic & Diamond  Special Features: Tapered Diamond Rod For Shar… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Spyderco Balance (SP141P) – KnifeCenter.com

August 31, 2012

MarcDutr0ux @ 4:33 am #

0:19. It has 4 different places to switch your little clit? WTF?

garbage85 @ 4:41 am #

Relax bro, if you can’t handle a little bit of cleavage, there are a bunch of other knife videos with a bunch of dudes in it.

austinguy23 @ 4:53 am #

Cleavage won’t sell more knives, sweetheart.

SailfishSoundSystem @ 5:10 am #

I ordered a Old Hickory knife from these guys. It took forever to get it. It was also dull. Nice to see a good looking chick though.

dreamofher665 @ 5:41 am #

perfect I want one and the knifes not bad either ;;D

DrWrongPaul @ 6:22 am #

sheeeeit, using females to sell knives … sneaky bastards …

evilsquirrel56231 @ 6:34 am #

I didn’t know KnifeCenter had such hot staff members.

albi131 @ 6:40 am #

1. She should do the videos
2. This knife is fucking overpriced

Danthesoccer @ 6:47 am #


TheKnifehunter @ 7:22 am #

I want to kiss her in the mouth! And buy a knife;)

AndyFeliciotti @ 7:39 am #

If they have the item in stock it says “in stock” on the product page, I’ve never had an issue with it

GadgetStalker @ 8:24 am #

They should at least tell you how much they have in stock. I have had to cancel 2 orders in the past because items were on backorder and I wasn’t aware of it until after ordering.

alwagp @ 8:28 am #

How come knifecenter website always indicates that they have knives in stock but then when you order one they are never in stock?

shummyshum @ 9:11 am #

cost more than an endura ):

dallasdeadeye @ 9:30 am #

i like her, nomore dudes, she should do all the videos

oromoto @ 9:41 am #

Are you Alex?

TheM14ebr @ 10:31 am #

i was talking about the knife dude

Danthesoccer @ 11:24 am #

go watch porn, not youtube, you perv

TheM14ebr @ 12:23 pm #

your hot

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