Kershaw Knives : Cyclone, Scallion, and Chive


This video shows the differences between these three Kershaw folding knives

Tac Force YC-636DC Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed
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Kershaw Ken Onion Black Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe
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Comments on Kershaw Knives : Cyclone, Scallion, and Chive

August 7, 2012

IMuhHero253 @ 4:49 am #

Jeff, I don’t have ANY good knives and Iv Ben watching your videos for years and Iv always wanted a spring assisted knife so badly and I was wondering if you could give or sell me your sample kershaw chive ….I’ll pay for shipping and if you could get me the chive it would be? an honor lol because you owned it….LOL thanks…email me at

xavmeister99 @ 5:23 am #

why is there a ti lite in the back ground?

X3RUBIM @ 5:53 am #

You’re a? stupid piece of shit. Thats what you are.

coolkidcater @ 6:23 am #

No one gives a shit what you? think. Fuck off hater.

TheTacticalTiger @ 7:04 am #

Aww man I was thinking exterior toggle, as in speed safe?

Febeleh @ 7:40 am #

I bet he’s going to make the next part of the contest in this video, as it the Cyclone was mentioned in? the first part of the contest. If, there’s going to be a second part.

MrZachpow @ 8:10 am #

scalion looks like a great edc shode? i get it

monstersofthemidw100 @ 8:54 am #

Guys, Its not chive as in chive? onion, its chive as in chivalry. SHIV damnit lol

143yamaha @ 9:46 am #

there is no leek here……?

CVOoutdoors @ 10:23 am #

do a reveiw on the kershaw scallion please i just noticed you dont? have a reveiw on it

Dan39991 @ 10:38 am #

@88Josh66 No,? I was thinking the same thing.

Joshua Bucheli @ 11:29 am #

The Cyclone seems kinda? similar to the tenacious or the resillience or is that just me?

Joshua Bucheli @ 12:07 pm #

the shallot is above? the leek btw

shawn4201111 @ 12:38 pm #

HES? BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cupojoe999 @ 12:49 pm #

its not his? doorbell, its a clock

BeNNyBoYe13 @ 1:05 pm #

and? shallot

rinkrat114 @ 2:03 pm #

Ahh just kitting? lol

rinkrat114 @ 2:35 pm #

On top of each? other that’s what she said

SuperRootbeer17 @ 3:05 pm #

why does the? door bell ring in all of your vids

sthomas571 @ 4:01 pm #

Great knife!?

Speedogg138 @ 4:05 pm #

I’m not impressed by people that post grossly misspelled comments on YouTube, please fix it. :) Also, I certainly hope I am not a closet? mass murderer, because knives aren’t really good for that, my guns would do much better.

bikenutter1 @ 4:56 pm #

You don’t like my opinion? Your winky shrink at the thought that someone is not imporressed that you’re a closet mass murderer or used to be get beat up in school and started carrying? knives to feel confident, don’t get me started.

Speedogg138 @ 5:54 pm #

And if you weren’t such a dick about it, i.e. “I’m not? impressed with the BS here on YT”, then nobody would have said anything. :)

bikenutter1 @ 6:46 pm #

I? don’t need a “right”, I have a phenomelogical opinion, and I’m making it.

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