Deer hunting knives #74 / Bark River Gunny & Fox River


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #74 / Bark River Gunny & Fox River

July 12, 2012

wanker2us @ 4:28 am #

very neat video!

drew7473 @ 4:46 am #

i deer hunt at my moms house in the country. nice size woods.lots of deer field dress the deer a lot different then we do. looks like you waste a lot of good meat?

gravediggermax @ 4:50 am #

Another great vid ..great guy & hunter..good luck

virtuovice @ 5:28 am #

I guess the Tsubaki oil is mixture of Camellia oil and mineral oil. It smells or tastes nothing. And they don’t say it is poisonous. Of course I never use it for cooking directly. But I think it’s safe as long as used for knife care. Many Japanese knife dealers are selling it for kitchen knife care. Thanks.

Leezer088 @ 6:09 am #

Hey! i have watched many of your videos. You do not have to explain yourself to people on here. If that person has a problem with your videos they can watch somewhere else. Keep on doing a good job.

ScottsUtubeWorld @ 6:32 am #

Hi, Waco. I got some Tsubaki oil for my knives. Is it safe for food preparation? I don’t use WD40 and other household oils because they aren’t safe to ingest… and I’m hoping that Tsubaki oil is. Thanks!

herrRuger @ 6:37 am #

in some places around the world the wild life doesnt get hunted for meat and such but primarily just to keep their numbers down so they dont do a whole lot of damage to the enviroment. that is because theres a lack of big, “natural” predators (due to human influences). it has to be done and is perfectly justified and still would be even if he (the man in the video) didnt use any of the deers meat, if he left it all to rott/for the birds and such. harden your heart.

TheChefjohnny @ 6:50 am #

Wako Son, Keep up the great work !!! Youre a great guy and a veryexcellent hunter.

Semper Fi

God Bless

zobzobzobzobzob @ 7:42 am #

don’t worry for the guy comments… he probably don’t remember how food comes to his plate…. and he probably prefer the terrible conditions animals live in in industrial farms… far from the eyes ..

virtuovice @ 8:01 am #

My field is around 350 km northeast from home. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:34 am #

From October to March for full 6 months. We don’t have some special firearm season like in the US. We can use any firearms which are allowed to each hunter. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 8:36 am #

After the use the sheath still keeps good knife retention in it. And its strange belt loop didn’t take any problems at all. I love it very much. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:01 am #

Yes. The car seems like the Isuzu Trooper on the web. We call it Isuzu Bighorn in Japan and it discontinued around 8 years ago. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:41 am #

It is called Isuzu Bighorn in Japan and discontinued 8 years ago. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:00 am #

The practical vehicles will go until 300,000 kilometers. So my car will serve me for 6 or more years in the future. Thanks.

Stargazer88 @ 10:21 am #

let the haters hate, don’t let it get to you. You tube is a very mixed community with many different kinds of people, and someone will always get offended by something. enjoy your hunting and outdoor experience.

mantrop @ 11:11 am #

Wako San..another great one. Thanks. How about Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells a Story” next time. Because in these vids., every picture does tell a story. Especially the robot toilets.
“Every picture tells a story don’t it…every picture tells a story don’t it..”

TimD9804 @ 11:16 am #

As far as I’m concerned, your ethics and honor are beyond questionining. It appears that this person’s opinion has hurt you deeply. Don’t let it. Move on and enjoy the rest of your hunting season. ” No problem.” BTW, I have to disagree with you. I think the Fox River is the most elegant looking knife in the BRKT line. And it performs as well as it looks.

Pyusor @ 11:26 am #

Got to love super advanced toilets and Rod Stewart!

steev5x5 @ 11:36 am #

there’s some thing inherently fascinating about Japan….dig your vids. very good !

lmsloan @ 11:41 am #

Well said, Wako!

spikekrossa @ 12:22 pm #

I really enjoy your videos, Dont let one persons opinion get you down. Hunting doesnt always go perfect. if you think so. you havent hunted much,

ailkiw @ 12:32 pm #

Don’t let the opinion of one narrow minded idiot affect you. You do great stuff here and you teach us so much. The “dishonorable” action would have been to let the stag run away after the first hit like I’ve seen some other hunters do. Your kill was with honor. Given the terrain and conditions, it’s not always easy to get ” one shot, one kill”. Obviously this guy has never picked up a rifle. Like you said. It’s finished and done. We’ve already given this guy way more attention on this forum

Nebulax123 @ 1:30 pm #

That whole bunch up there in those days were a tough bunch. They grew up in the depression and more of their life was tough as hell than not. You did what you had to do or you didn’t make it.

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