Deer hunting knives #32 / cKc Hunter, BlackJack Trailguide, & M125 Heavy Hunter


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #32 / cKc Hunter, BlackJack Trailguide, & M125 Heavy Hunter

July 26, 2012

virtuovice @ 3:52 am #

I always carry back the meat without any care for around 5 hours in the plastic box in my RV. I have never had any problem on it. The box has a convex plate with some holes on its bottom inside to drip the blood off the meat. Thank you.

bombaztic77 @ 4:34 am #

Hey my do you preserve the meat after you took it from the body of the kill before you going home?do you put salt and pepper?

virtuovice @ 5:00 am #

I’m from Japan.

rexliznelson1 @ 5:14 am #

what country are you from?

virtuovice @ 5:47 am #

The leather washer handle feels cheap. G10 is beautiful. The full stag handle is the most lovable to real hunters. The leather washer and stag combination handle is not very admirable. I have experienced those 4 handles actually on the Bj-125. For regular purpose the G10 is good in my opinion. It’s beautiful and clean. Thank you!

knivesandstuff @ 6:39 am #

I have thinned a knife down leaner than a fox river in O1 and performed tests to show that this is not the case if the edge is done correctly. you are welcome to watch them.. All the best. If I buy a Bj-125, do you think the leather is a good choice?

virtuovice @ 6:42 am #

Yes, it was visible like tinfoil. I restored it intentionally making a steeper angled edge. Since then it has worked very well. It’s a regular issue also taking place on my O1 Enzo Trapper and O1 Fiddleback Recluse. Since giving them a deeper angled convex edge, they have worked very well too. I think the O1 is that kind of steel, different from A2 in my experience. Thank you!

knivesandstuff @ 7:29 am #

Great Video. The black jack is a great knife I agree. I have to disagree as the maker about your comment on the Edge Thickness. its ABSOLUTELY not because O1 cannot take a thin edge. O1 can take very thin edges without rolling as my new video I just had to do demonstrates. When trying to thin my bevel you actually created a secondary edge like Tinfoil, rather than thinning it. then to fix that the resulting edge is more steep. to thin the knife it must be full profiled.  This is a common problem

virtuovice @ 7:48 am #

No, I don’t. Japanese legal limit is 6 inches. Thank you!

NOBLEx8 @ 7:55 am #

Hey, virtuovice I gotta 15″ blade that I wanna get razor sharp, do you have any knives of this size that sharp?

virtuovice @ 8:54 am #

I think what you say “a thick layer of fat” is the tendinous membrane of the back. Which is very strong and hard to cut across with dull knives. In winter they have very little fat tissue under the skin. Thank you!

AjiraKimberly @ 9:50 am #

dang.. that’s a thick layer of fat at 03:00!

michelb08 @ 10:04 am #

Im looking at the fresh meat and I get hungry again. I can see already u cooking again this great meat into a fine dish with your family. Very informative on the knives again, thank you very much both the cutter and the cameraman and ofcourse the deer and the knives :)

stripymccatpuss @ 10:08 am #

Very good vid…

Domo arigato

dsgr2003 @ 11:01 am #

Thank you guys for sharing your practical experience – great video!

TheBladebuster @ 11:04 am #

Wako san,
Your latest hunting video is by far the best video as of to date – I call it Winter Extreme Deer Hunting. Very beautiful mountain scene as well. I haven’t watched it completely since my kids are behind me – don’t want them to get freaked out :)

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