Deer hunting knives #14 / RAT RC3, Fehrman Peacemaker, & short KaBar USMC


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #14 / RAT RC3, Fehrman Peacemaker, & short KaBar USMC

July 5, 2012

virtuovice @ 3:47 am #

I remember I used the Fehrman? Peace Maker just once or twice and sold it off soon. At that moment my understanding on 3V was just it was a better steel than A2. I never thought it would chip and didn’t focused on that issue. I left it just because I didn’t like its guard design. So, I don’t know if other company’s 3V steel has different characters than Bark River’s. I knew Bark River CPM3V was a chippy steel just after my 3V Bravo1 endurance test this last season. Thanks.

BladeAddict8 @ 4:05 am #

I realize they are different types of? knives but would you say the 3v on the Fehrman Peace Maker is less chippy than the Bark river Bravo 1 3v. I’m wondering if either of the companies gives their 3v a better heat treat. Thank You.

JohnFrumFromAmerica @ 4:51 am #

it looks like he? kept every set of antlers that he hunted

TheBladebuster @ 5:42 am #

At 3:25 – I recognized your friend…….he was guarding Tom Cruise in the movie “The Last Samurai”
Kidding aside he? reminds me of a samurai warrior.

TheSololobo @ 6:12 am #

there’s? alot of cool stuff laying around.

kickingbird2012 @ 7:03 am #

thanks for your wisdom on skinning blades.yesterday, i was finishing some blades i forged last weekend and put your type edge on them by hand.i hope i got it right.before i saw u’r video,i had never considered using the scandi edge.thank you for enlightening me.can barely wait to try? them on deer.i will watch more of your vid’s,keep them coming.

virtuovice @ 7:27 am #

I always like convex edges. A genuine Scandi edge is easy to take micro rolls. After putting micro convex bevels on it, it goes much? tougher. Machine made 40 degree V edge is often not sharp enough for my purpose. Its machine made scratches on the edge is easy to retain water and rust. I like to replace it to a home made polished convex edge. Then it gets much sharper and its maintenance gets much easier. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 7:32 am #

Thank you! I am? thinking recently that a convex edge is the best one on any purposes. And Scandi edge is not bad when it has a micro convex bevel on it. A genuine Scandi edge is easy to take rolls or chips because it bites and hitches bones. 40 degree V edge is often not sharp enough for my purpose, and its machine made scratches on the edge often retain water and rust. So I like to put a convex edge on a V edge. It’s tough, easy to maintain, and rust resistant. Thank you!

kickingbird2012 @ 8:05 am #

you sir are great hunter.i enjoyed your video very much.the house spoke volumes on your hunting prowess.the way you skinned that big animal was amazing.i take your word on each of the knives performance.i am from? usa, southern boy and i was thrilled to see you work.i will test the knives i make on whitetail deer in a month or so and may change the way i make the edge, after watching you.i salute you sir.look forward to more videos.

TheSololobo @ 8:49 am #

all we eat in america is sandwishes with cheese?

Lorbera @ 9:24 am #

Damn I wouldn`t want to? trip and fall in your friends house.

virtuovice @ 9:50 am #

I already sold out this? Fehrman Peacemaker knife. As you say from the first I might have disliked this knife. At that moment I might have already loved a leaner blade for deer dressing. And my English expression was poor and straight. I am sorry. It was a very good multi purpose knife surely. I evaluated it just in my individually set situation. I basically prefer convex and Scandi edge for every task. My evaluation should be influenced by my individual preference.

seekertrth @ 10:30 am #

Your Ka-bar edge was modified, doesn’t work as well purchased as is. The Peacemaker does. The fact that you don’t mention that or point out several other obvious things clearly shows that you are not giving an? honest, side/side review. You go out of your way to bad-mouth the Fehrman
The Peacemaker is designed as a general use survival knife; the edge retention is phenomenal! The grip is outstanding. You can build a survival shelter and w/ a light touch on a sharpener can skin/field dress game.

seekertrth @ 10:32 am #

I hate to say this but your results are ‘fixed.’ 1)The Peacemaker does not randomly? “cut into tissue.” The knife goes where you put it. 2)Doesn’t punch through the hide? You can line up 2 pieces of heavy-duty 1/4″ thick of cardboard and punch right through (CONSIDERABLY tougher than hide). Your other video regarding this knife is just as fixed. It will chop through a 2″ thick branch of hickory,not the 1×1 pine you use,in the same time that you quit and announce the knife is no good.

wmc1982 @ 10:55 am #

Cool vid,? never seen an animal beheading before with those knives!

wmc1982 @ 11:46 am #

This is great? for background sound. I can lay down and relax to it.

virtuovice @ 12:17 pm #

Hi, thank you!?
I have not recolored my short KaBar.

Ero1941 @ 1:09 pm #

Have you recolored your Ka-Bar in black?
Great? video!
Greetings from Croatia!

virtuovice @ 1:28 pm #

Yes, he is a good flute player. Of course he has? a silver flute, too. And he plays the piano from his childhood. He is a very unique multi talented person. Next to the bamboo flute you can see two pieces of Chinese traditional kind of guitar on the stag. Thank you!

utuubee @ 1:50 pm #

you’re right. and in this video v=TLMwbIyL7Wg he explains how its 1095 with chromium and vanadium added and maybe some molybdenum check out the video and this
benchmade com/images/table_blade_steels gif
and you’ll? see they’re pretty similar, big differences are Cr and V
crucible. com/PDFs%5CDataSheets2010%5CData%20Sheet%20440c pdf
azom c o m/details asp?ArticleID=1024
multiplex-trd c o m/articles/about_440c_steel htm

TheBladebuster @ 1:52 pm #

At 01:10 – what is that piece of pole on the antler – looks like a? bamboo flute. I see your friend is a musician too. As always – very interesting video/reviews.

wcropp1 @ 2:23 pm #

So you’re saying that Ka-Bar’s 1095cv is actually 440c? I’ve never heard that…any further info? I always? thought it was 0170-6/50100b.

virtuovice @ 3:16 pm #

I love smoky Scotch, too. The Lagavulin is hard core. He also loves Talisker which has flower smell.? Thank you!

virtuovice @ 3:54 pm #

The Hokkaido hunter’s association has 5600 members now. In them the actual deer hunters are less than a half I guess.? Thank you!

virtuovice @ 4:16 pm #

I have never tried your oil. I use camellia oil for knives. It has no smell nor? bat taste. Thanks!

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