TOPS XCEST Survival Knife Review

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Comments on TOPS XCEST Survival Knife Review

July 2, 2012

potatoheadhaoy @ 4:13 am #

I think that`s going to take more energy. I don`t actually know for sure, though.I might want to try it out someday to make sure. I just like to have a big chunk of steel on my person than a little one, even if they do add a bit of extra weight. I`d rather use an axe or a saw to fall wood, especially the latter. You`re talking about “if,” and only if that fails on me, or the unlikely (for me, a non-LE/military civilian) situation in which I have no choice but to use a knife.

beaker126 @ 4:45 am #

Damn, what a tough little bulldog of a knife.

TrangleC @ 5:10 am #

I always was skeptical about small survival knives too, till I saw what Bear Grylls does with his small knife. I hate to admit to being influenced by one of those TV shows, but I really started to see the advantages of such a small but sturdy knife. When you use a branch as a baton you can hammer such a short but thick blade deep into wood and cut just as thick branches as you could by chopping with a big and heavy knife.

nextexhale @ 5:30 am #

The Bravo has a black blade and the is a sharpened portion on the back of the blade as well. This makes the Bravo have a more versatile in the sense of having a secondary edge in case the the primary edge gets damaged. But it makes the Bravo less versatile in the sense that certain cutting/gripping tecniques are impossible because you cannot place your fingers on the back of the blade where it is sharpenned.

plumbingoni @ 6:27 am #

Cheers thanks for the info

NorwegianKnifeDude @ 7:23 am #

excuse me, Bob. Does this come with any literature? :) 

wwwknivestowncom @ 7:48 am #

The Bravo model is the same except the knife has a black blade.

plumbingoni @ 8:45 am #

Hi are there any differences between the XCEST alpha and bravo ? That survival kit looks very good , love TOPS.
Great review aswell.

HMFIC31 @ 9:28 am #

I dont mind having nylon or cordura sheaths but I hate velcro! Button snaps are the way to go. my wife sews button snaps on for me. : )

Uriel1816 @ 9:44 am #

This is an excellent back-up knife. It seems it would make a good urban knife too. Have you tried to us it to pry anything?

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