A Short Introduction to Wharncliffe Blades


This is a kind of introduction video to Wharncliffe blades. The Wharncliffe knives shown in the video are as follows: 1. Boker Plus Wharcom 2. Kershaw Onion/Centofante 3. Spyderco Kiwi 3 4. Spyderco Urban Safety Orange 5. Spyderco Centofante 4 6. CRKT Minimalist Wharncliffe

Smith & Wesson SWFR2S Extreme Ops Knife with Coated Tanto Blade and Rubber Coated Handle, Black
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Comments on A Short Introduction to Wharncliffe Blades

July 8, 2012

festol1 @ 4:08 am #

Very informative? and well made!

russuhl @ 4:37 am #

Very well done and informative. Thank you? for an excellent video!

stschmalhaus @ 4:52 am #

I strongly? hope that all my other videos are informative, too. ;-)

austinguy23 @ 5:38 am #

Very? informative. More vids like this, please :)

shadesofrgey @ 5:57 am #

This is one of the best knife videos on YouTube. It is informative, concise, and enjoyable to watch, ? Well done, sir!

wcropp1 @ 6:01 am #

No problem bud.?

zujostix @ 6:55 am #

Thanks. You have no idea how? much this helped me out

wcropp1 @ 7:43 am #

I would not recommend a wharncliffe as a skinning blade–they will certainly get the job? done, but are not ideal if you want to preserve the hide for anything as a wharncliffe blade will be prone to inadvertently poking holes in the hide. The pointy tip is also not ideal for gutting where you risk puncturing organs, etc. There’s a reason most skinning knives have a decent amount of belly.

fluffychest @ 8:34 am #

every? time you run your finger across the blade’s edge i cringe.

TheTater1984 @ 8:56 am #

i had the onion/centofante until i sold it to a friend,? awsome blade. 4 ****

zujostix @ 9:14 am #

How well do Wharncliffe blades work with meat preparation? More? specifically in pull cuts that would be used in something like skinning game or a butterfly cut.

stschmalhaus @ 9:57 am #

Change your friends? and/or move to another place. LOL

notsuferatu @ 10:40 am #

you are one of the most well? spoken and educated persons ive heard n a loong time

ConcealedCourier @ 10:54 am #

@ stschmalhaus 5.11/Bladetech Wharn-for-Duty. Aus8 3oz black oxide zytel grip. Very nice, can choke up on blade for precision work. Good jimping too. Only 30? dollars US. Full manual folder.

stschmalhaus @ 11:31 am #

Thanks for? letting me know. I’m glad my video was helpful to you. Which knife did you buy?

ConcealedCourier @ 12:23 pm #

I just bought my? first wharncliffe blade today, and your video was very informative as to how to use this style of blade. Thank you so much.

vicoll135 @ 1:16 pm #

Just? great

snoozymoo @ 1:44 pm #

great video! will be interesting to see what are the common uses and logic of? other blade shapes :)

MountainMonsters @ 2:35 pm #

Excellent Video! those are some? beautiful blades! =-)

stschmalhaus @ 3:30 pm #

Thank you for your very kind words and for pointing me to the old Laurel & Hardy film. ?

ErikNice @ 3:54 pm #

Excellent, informative introduction to Wharncliffe blades. Very nice collection! Especially liked the historical reference to Lord Wharncliffe and the background “Honolulu Baby” music. Check out Ty? Parvis’ performance of Honolulu Baby circa 1933 from the Laurel & Hardy film “Sons of the Desert” elsewhere on YouTube.

Rockjunky1995 @ 4:32 pm #

I think it’s just me but Wharncliffe blades seem to have a certain? appeal to them.

stschmalhaus @ 5:03 pm #

Thank you!?

1sgbrewer @ 5:20 pm #

very? well done.
Respect, leebrewer

unphazed123 @ 6:04 pm #

thanks for the video,? i actually learned more than i expected i would in six plus minutes.

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