Deer hunting knives #61 / Karesuando, ESEE, Fallkniven, and Bark River


We got 8 stag in 2 day tour up north. At the beginning of snow season they were gathering for the roadside grasses. So we searched for stag driving on the road. We got 8 stag and it was a legend for us. Thanks for watching this long video!

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #61 / Karesuando, ESEE, Fallkniven, and Bark River

June 28, 2012

OmnisPugnasCertus @ 4:07 am #

wow,heavy snow! nice DPM CAMO smock.

killkill120 @ 4:43 am #

Do yuuse the meat? White man hunted all of the Native American’s food and resources. They only took the novelty parts of the animal. I feel bad for living on the Natives land because I am white. I live in Oklahoma.They forced the Natives hear to live. Their was no good living conditions for them hear. I am glad that humans can learn from mistakes. I love Americas current President. Almost like the North Koreans loved Kim Jong.

bradwjensen @ 5:05 am #

Loved that Eagle shot! :) I’ve always been quite fascinated with Eagles.

virtuovice @ 5:16 am #

We always take back straps and thighs. I always use back straps for cutlet or steak and minced thighs for hamburg or curry. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 5:57 am #

I’m in Japan.

kimzengly @ 6:38 am #

dont tell me you guys took the back strap only? looks like fun, pretty nice quality knife.

jambiyaSlaughter @ 7:35 am #

Is he in Russia?

leeloo1983 @ 8:20 am #

Yes I saw two types they have, Ivory micarta and stained micarta. It’s a very Luxurious look to the custom ones. Is it worth the significant price difference? I believe so.

HatterasPirate @ 8:26 am #

Great Video as always! Have you ever seen a Bear while hunting? I like the Esee 3 and Fox River. I will mabye purchase one of these after the new year.

Penthraxxus @ 9:01 am #

Knife @ 22:09 is possibly a Bark River Games Keeper with Exotic Wood handles?
Awesome videos as always…I love to watch you clean your stags. backstraps and Thigh muscles…

virtuovice @ 9:08 am #

So many trees were bending down above the road due to wet snow. I was very tired of moving them and we began to drive roughly. Then I happened to take the moment when the antenna was broken. I have some spare antennas. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:02 am #

The tamahagane seems to be used only for Japanese swords. And it seems like a super premium Japanese steel made from iron sand. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:28 am #

I kept it for the last day in the 4 day trip. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 11:01 am #

I have a regular F1 and a custom F1. They have a very different feel in the hand. Thanks.

TheBladebuster @ 11:51 am #

Bummer at 12:30….the low lying trees busted your transceiver antenna.

tendollarword @ 12:29 pm #

Great video. Congratulations on getting so many stag.

Thebattousay @ 1:02 pm #

do you have any blade made of tamahagane steel? great video as always!

Romanlegionnaire77 @ 1:44 pm #

My movie tonight! Great acting, great director…Oscar worth! Keep them coming! Thank you.

LiamMitts @ 1:50 pm #

Hey,Awesome video,like watching a TV program.You keep making them and I’ll keep watching them.Great,great,great,,,Thanks very much

haff202 @ 2:00 pm #

Blackjack 125 has never let you down, why it did not make the trip, I do not know. Because of you, I buy Blackjack 125 leather washer handle and DLT two sided paddle strop deluxe and Bark River black and white compound. Scary sharp time is coming soon. Please make more videos  for long time.

bengtsson45 @ 2:39 pm #

Good job! Interesting to see how you field dress game in Japan. We do it alot different here in Sweden.

ozzyfreak994 @ 3:33 pm #

amazing! good job hunting and i enjoyed the use of different knives for comparison as wekk!

mccullenj @ 4:21 pm #

Great hunting trip. Looks like the TK2 is a great just expensive.

tel482 @ 5:05 pm #

Great job Wako !!!!

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