Deer hunting knives #38 / BUSSE CABS & Bark River Bravo1


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #38 / BUSSE CABS & Bark River Bravo1

June 21, 2012

theparvu @ 4:35 am #

i lave Busses too

virtuovice @ 5:27 am #

They are native to Japan. And there are Kamosika deer on the mainland. Which is a distant relative of the Sika deer as you say. Thank you!

Eurotrash4367 @ 6:06 am #

Are those deer native to Japan or were they introduced for hunting ? I thought I read somewhere that there is a species of deer found in Japan that is a distant relative of the Sika deer. Is this true?

virtuovice @ 6:50 am #

I happened to get it at KnivesShipFree. I don’t think they have it now. Their regular strop is fairly thick and I think it will make a strong convex edge. My compounds are Bark River’s. Heating the strop with a hair dryer will help applying the black compound. Putting oil over the strop will help applying the white compound. The DLT rough side leather strop takes compounds incredibly well, although their leather is very thin.

Nebulax123 @ 6:55 am #

Wako: Where did you get thick strop that you used in this video? Also the strop paste? Most of my compounds seem to be to hard to use on my strops.

virtuovice @ 7:11 am #

What you say sounds very correct from the view point of energy transfer. But in my CABS case the ring guard is not annoying. Fehrman Peacemaker and Gerber Freeman Hunter had a really annoying guard and I left them. I know the guard is useless in practice and just a finger groove is enough for safe holding in bushcraft or hunting. But the guard on CABS is essential for its coolness and I love it. In practice the cKc Hunter is better though. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 8:09 am #

Sure. Thanks!

40DegreeShoulder @ 8:52 am #

Does your mom know you are on her computer? 

Bakunaga @ 9:34 am #

wait ok so you meant to say that you honestly don’t think meat rots? Sounds like you’re the one who still needs to go to school. That btw is the shittiest “anal”lysis(real mature) I have ever seen. I obviously love his vids enough to show it to my friends, who all have graduate degrees little boy, and they just so happened to notice something that was blatantly obvious to the rest of the populace. I also did not direct the post to you but you just needed to be a asshole troll

40DegreeShoulder @ 10:34 am #

I meant exactly what I said. But if we are gonna “anal”ize each other’s posts. Lets look at yours. You state you love his vids, but your friends noticed… You imply the inadequacy of either your ability to observe or ability to form your own opinions.

None of this matters though, as I’m sure that you are only 12 and by “friends” you meant your step-dad.

Bakunaga @ 11:10 am #

dude relax and yes food rots in fact all things rot. You probably meant to say that other animals with eat it before it rots and if so then maybe, however, not always. Collect your thoughts more before you present them. Douche

40DegreeShoulder @ 11:42 am #

i believe the season ends in a couple weeks. I hope you will make another summery video of the knives you used this season.

40DegreeShoulder @ 12:08 pm #

Waste? You really think the meat just sits there and rots? Sounds to me like you need to go outside more.

traderjoes @ 1:07 pm #

Wako, you are superb!
Do you find the ring guard on the Busse to be annoying? To me, it serves no useful function and I’ve debated grinding it down like Kyley did on mr SAR4. It adds unnecessary distance between the fingers and the cutting edge IMO. How do you feel about it?

TheBladebuster @ 1:50 pm #

I’d say knife companies should consult with virtuovice for hunting knife design and perhaps make virtuovice’s line of knives exclusively for deer hunters.

mooseyou2 @ 1:57 pm #

super vids
i can almost live vicariously through them
can’t get enough

virtuovice @ 2:22 pm #

Aurora has the same thickness as Fox River and narrow in height. Besides it has a flat portion on its back spine side. So its edge angle must be pretty deep and tough. I think it is more a bushcraft knife than a hunting knife. Although it will cut the ribs off the spine from a hanging deer, and its sharp and strong tip will be useful to remove muscles from limb bones. So they might say Aurora is good for game dressing. My way is very individual and I need more belly. Thank you!

weldermic @ 3:19 pm #

Once you find a few knives you really like to use , ex. FOX RIVER …
Try taking a file and cutting some grooves in the back spine to help with
holding when you choke up on the knife.
Very old practice with hunters in this country.
thank you again very good

weldermic @ 3:53 pm #

Once you find a few knives you really like to use , ex. FOX RIVER …
Try taking a file and cutting some grooves in the back spine to help with
holding when you choke up on the knife.
Very old practice with hunters in this country.
thank you again 

IHatchetJack @ 4:04 pm #

Best knife videos on the entire internet. Bark River should be paying you for all the business you send their way!

I’d like to see how the Aurora handles field dressings. I realize its drop point wouldn’t be as efficient as the Fox River, but it is suppose to be fair at dressing game according to Bark River’s description. I don’t personally own one or I’d send it to you for testing!

jeffersontool @ 4:50 pm #

I mean to say that I was “not” asking in a rude way, just curious. Thanks again.

virtuovice @ 4:53 pm #

I have already sold out my Fehrman PeaceMaker to make the money for C,A.B.S. I didn’t like its big guard which hitched the tissue during skinning. Besides my RC3 was even better for me without that kind of guard. Then the Fehrman went useless and I got this knife instead, the choilless version in the special Boss Street knives. Thank you!

torquefactory @ 5:42 pm #

Great test Wako! Now I am curious how INFI is compared to Fehrman 3V that you have ! It will be nice to see!

virtuovice @ 6:25 pm #

I kill 50 deer every season. Japan is less hunters and more and more deer. We have no season limit. So I just get back-straps and thighs from a deer. The remains will soon go for crows and there will be no problem at all. Japan is less civilized country about hunting, so we seem to be more free than other countries. Thanks.

Bakunaga @ 7:12 pm #

I love your videos so please don’t take this the wrong way but my friends have noticed you don’t make use of alot of the deer you kill and leave excessive waste. What exactly do you take away after your kill and what do you do with the remains? Do you just leave the rest to rot?

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