Victorinox Executive Knife Review



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Comments on Victorinox Executive Knife Review

June 26, 2012

survivealist @ 4:42 am #

orange peeler so random.

survivealist @ 4:55 am #

I’d recommed a mora 

2kargarage1 @ 5:15 am #

The orange peeler blade is also good for prying lids on bombs. As seen on Macgyver!

wwwknivestowncom @ 5:50 am #

Almost any of the Buck pocket knives or folding knives would work. A kershaw Double Cross would do well or even an Opinel, depending on the hardness of the wood. A Wenger or SAK would also serve admirably. You have a lot of choices for whittling and carving.

theelephanthater @ 6:00 am #

ok, so. I like to carve wands. I know it’s nerdy but I need a knife that I can carve with!

CanItAlready @ 6:08 am #

I have one of these and love it. Size-wise, it’s in between the Classic and the Tinker. Very easy to carry.

wwwknivestowncom @ 6:27 am #

They are different. The Executive has 2 blades, scissors, orange peeler, nailfile, screwdriver, toothpick & tweezers. The Swisslite has only one blade, no orange peeler and no toothpick, but it does have an LED light.

DesiGirlInCanada @ 6:53 am #

I’ve heard that the executive and the swisslite is similar. Is it just the LED that makes them different or are there more features?

thesho0ter1911 @ 7:40 am #


Your wrong, look at the SAKWiki and you will see that it was made for the pharmaceutical field for opening bill bottles. The Executive, in this vid, is an orange peeler. The Mini Champ has a cut and picker blade that they call an orange peeler.

chautauqua14781 @ 8:12 am #

According to the manufacturer it’s an orange peeler with scraper:

of Midnite MiniChamp
Nail File with Nail Cleaner
Cuticle Pusher
Screwdriver with Ruler
Emergency Blade (Letter Opener)
Orange Peeler with Scraper
Bottle Opener with Magnetic Phillips Screwdriver
Wire Stripper
Key Ring
LED Mini White Light (18,000 MCD)
Retractable Ball Point Pen

KalConduitman @ 8:33 am #

this knife is sweet

thesho0ter1911 @ 8:44 am #

The Mini Champ’s blade isn’t an orange peeler. It’s actually a cut and picker blade made for pharmacists alike to open pill bottles/remove cotton etc. :)

allasnark99 @ 9:06 am #

this is the macgyver knife. 5/5

DasKleineViech @ 10:03 am #

That’s right. It might sound stupid, but i broke my once the nail, that i usually use to open the knives and i used the tweezers to do that. xD

But seriously, if you’re out in the woods and a tick gets you, you will be thankfull for the tweezers. You should carry those things anyway on a camping trip, even if you don’t have an Swiss army knife.

wwwknivestowncom @ 10:21 am #

No, it’s a SAK. I did a review on it so if you want to check it out its on my channel.

cmonsterz @ 10:56 am #

Love the SWAK. I have many different versions and they are just an excellent all around tool. Hey…that mini-champ looks like a Wenger instead of a SWAK?

parkuptown @ 11:45 am #

Hey bob can you do a video on how to use some of the more complicated tools such as the orange peeler and can opener. My buddies and I don’t understand some of the tools

samgoddam @ 12:15 pm #

lol i just bought mine :D DDDDDDDDDDD

JohnWayneColt45 @ 12:53 pm #

Victorinox knives are great i’ve got over 20 and each one is more useful than the next.

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