Knife Review: Ka-Bar Folding TDI Knife


This is a very interesting knife, especially if you are a fan of the Fixed Blade TDI knives like I am. At $29, the folding TDI is affordable, but the quality is not as good as other Ka-bars I have had. The liner has a lot of flex to it, under pressure. It is more convenient and concealable than the fixed blade version, but it is physically weaker and is slower to deploy.

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Comments on Knife Review: Ka-Bar Folding TDI Knife

June 14, 2012

xMrPopeyex @ 3:50 am #

I hope that’s what they did. This is my first folding KA-BAR. I LOVE it. I know that some people prefer the fixed blades. I can see why. But how many people also want to carry a sheath around with them? Most people that would carry a knife like this will most likely be carrying a concealed pistol. I know that I wouldn’t have? the room for a sheath. Well, not to have it where I would want it, which would be where my pistol is sitting!

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 3:59 am #

- Cool, well? I am glad if they have fixed the initial issues, I hope they have.

xMrPopeyex @ 4:16 am #

I just bought the serrated version, and it’s a solid knife.? No play in the blade at all. LOVE IT!

matthias66 @ 5:09 am #

a police officer’s primary firearm. The fixed design is superior, it is stronger because it is fixed, and the deployment is faster because you don’t have to open the blade up (folder)

This is a relatively small knife, so? it is easily concealable. With the fixed version, all you have to do is grab the handle, pull out of sheath, and you are ready to rock and roll.

With the folder, you have to take it out of the pocket, and open it up with the hole. 2 steps vs. 1, and fixed is a lot stronger.

matthias66 @ 5:52 am #

Good review. You made a lot of good points when discussing the capabilities of the fixed Kabar TDI knife vs. the folding TDI, especially when emphasizing the weakness of the locking mechanism in a tactical scenario. Basically it comes down to a matter of conceivability (TDI folder) vs. strength & fast deploment (TDI fixed blade),? like you stated.

I would not buy the TDI folder personally. The Ka-bar TDI knife was designed to cut the forearm, hands, or arms of an assailant going for a

LWRCftw @ 5:59 am #

coudlve? sworn it meant Tactical Defense Implement.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 6:30 am #

-? Nah I haven’t reviewed it but I have the small sized one.

KBar666 @ 7:04 am #

Do you have? a review on the Fixed blade?

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 7:48 am #

- Lol. And a? liner that flexes.

THE13EARJEW @ 7:56 am #

“How can we make this better?” “Put? a pivot in it!” lol

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 8:47 am #

- Thanks! The fixed TDI is definitely the way to go? :]

WeaversofEternity @ 9:37 am #

Great review? man! Thanks for pointing out the blade play issue, as it allowed me to reconsider purchasing this one. I might go for the fixed blade version instead.

FecalFiasco @ 10:35 am #

It seems like ka bar’s? folders are never nearly as good as their fixed blades, even relatively.

CaveTater @ 10:37 am #

It? looks like the handle material is FRN, because one of the Lone Wolf Cheyenne models had the FRN handles.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 11:23 am #

- Yes it’s the same design I think, because Benchmade owns the design now, but? I think they changed the steel and handle materials.

CaveTater @ 12:12 pm #

Have you seen the Heckler? and Koch fugitive, it looks like it is a production version of the original Lone Wolf Cheyenne.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 12:15 pm #

- Yeah, I like Ka-bars,? but not this one!

gadgetstalker2 @ 12:51 pm #

That bending liner is scary as hell!….especially for a knife geared towards the role of self defense. Crazy low quality on that. I was a fan of this too since I can’t? carry fixed blades at all but Im gonna pass on this one.

NeptuneKnives @ 1:35 pm #

I’ve watched quite? a lot of your vids fe the stretch etc thanks for the good vids sir they’ve helped us make & not make purchases

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 1:41 pm #

- Yeah! I’ve seen thinner liners that? didn’t flex, so the steel must be very bad or not treated.

NeptuneKnives @ 2:04 pm #

That is so cheap! All they have to do is spend a little more on the liner being thicker for? less flex & they don’t wana fork over the extra like 2 dollars for those chinese workers! BS This makes me question Ka Bar because theyre willing to attach their name to this crap

MATTNATTMATT @ 2:35 pm #

Tactical flex :P ?

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 2:59 pm #

- Yeah, totally. I wish Ka-bar had done a better job on? this knife.

SpartanCombativesGrp @ 3:35 pm #

a cut off? finger waiting to happen.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 3:50 pm #

Cool,? thanks for the info my friend.

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