Deer hunting knives #3 / Bark River Recluse & Gunny


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #3 / Bark River Recluse & Gunny

May 3, 2012

virtuovice @ 4:29 am #

A2 is the best steel in my current collection. O1 is soft and needs deeper angled edge than A2 for sure. In my experience 12C27 widely used in Scandi knives is better than O1. Thanks.

vjanda1 @ 4:40 am #

Hello knife master.
What in your opinion is better steel for bushcraft knife. A2 or O-1?
Thank you !

mz9393mz @ 5:18 am #

You could give the extra meet away to people who might need it. Just a thought.

virtuovice @ 5:38 am #

I am now packing knives for the next hunting tour. In them RC3 and Fehrman Peacemaker is the first choice to compare. Next I will compare folders. Thank you!

pse1708 @ 5:55 am #

Thank you for sharing!! You’re reviews are really excellent. I saw some videos from you about the Rat Cutlery RC-3, but you have not made a video about that knife in the field, did you? However, I really would like to see the RC-3 in action.

virtuovice @ 6:52 am #

We got 50 deers each year. So we tend to take only soft meat. Of course other leg muscles are not bad, but too much amount for us. When We don’t need meat very much, we get only back straps. Thanks!

AP0LL0edc @ 7:12 am #

@virtuovice … Just wondering… is the other meat on the legs too tough to eat? Is that why you don’t take it? Again, I enjoy watching all your videos, especially the field videos like this one. I always learn something new! Thank you so much!

40DegreeShoulder @ 7:36 am #

You make a very persuasive video. I think I will be carrying a Gunny on my next hunting trip. thank you

hamontea @ 8:33 am #

Virtuovice, I really like your videos and taught me a lot on knife. Please keep it up, I support you all the way

virtuovice @ 8:59 am #

Yes, I will test Longhorn and Bone Collector next time.

hamontea @ 9:13 am #

Good job!!! Would you consider to try Longhorn folding knife next time?

Tanrichguy @ 9:36 am #

I would also like to see a cooking video. I think it would be fantastic to see the end result of all of this hard work!
Good luck with the remainder of the season. I hope you encounter a really huge antler deer.

virtuovice @ 10:36 am #

Thanks! I love Gunny most so far this season.

iAmTheSurvivalist @ 11:23 am #

nice video you made short clean work of that deer. I was wondering which knife you prefered.

AP0LL0edc @ 12:00 pm #

I agree with a cooking video! Always interesting and makes me hungry!

virtuovice @ 12:40 pm #

Thank you! I will make a cooking video some day.

virtuovice @ 12:42 pm #

The provincial government urges us to kill as many female deers as possible, because the government must lessen the population of deers urgently to protect the agriculture from deers. But I don’t like shooting female deers basically. I hope many deers live around us regardless of agricultural damage. If the government paid me much money, I would think of killing female deers. Thanks!

virtuovice @ 1:11 pm #

Thank you! We cannot sell the meat because of strict food sanitation law. We consume much ourselves and give our friends and coworkers much.

virtuovice @ 1:49 pm #

Basically we don’t purchase meat, but we sometimes want to eat some other kind of meat and purchase some.
We must pay 300 dollars a season and we don’t have a season limit. I get 50 deers a season in average. Thank you!

abaseball61 @ 2:01 pm #

Looks like a pair of very good knives for the job. Would you mind doing a video of how you like to cook the venison some time. That would definitely be very interesting to me.

virtuovice @ 2:39 pm #

Yes, I do as you say. Thanks.

Tanrichguy @ 2:45 pm #

I am a firearm enthusiast but not familiar with hunting. Are there rules regarding the taking of female deer? Or are the rules totally open? Thank you.

sae1095hc @ 2:54 pm #

D’oh! I didn’t see where you already answered the limit question.

50 deer! You probably make good money selling the meat, considering the cost of beef there.

Thanks for the excellent videos!

Good hunting Wako3!

sae1095hc @ 3:12 pm #

Wow, do you ever have to buy meat at the grocery store or do you get enough venison for the whole year?

Just out of curiousity, do you have to buy a license for each deer or do you buy one license and then you can harvest as many deer as you can? Is there a season limit?

DeluxeWarPlaya @ 3:21 pm #

With 50 deer per season, how much of the meat do you use? Is it just the backstrap and inside back legs area?

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